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An unexpected chapter

Retired professional pens and publishes romance mystery novel

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June 5th, 2015
Greenspring residents
Greenspring residents

“If a story is in you, it has to come out.”—William Faulkner

In recent years, many successful professionals have chosen to author books about their careers and experiences. As a prominent New York City corporate attorney and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce, William Blunt has enough stories to fill numerous tomes. 

However, after retiring from his most recent position as the assistant general counsel of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, he decided to pen a thrilling crime/romance mystery entitled A Dangerous Marriage.

“I’m an avid reader and have always enjoyed good literature,” says William. “I simply asked myself one day, ‘Why can’t I write and publish a book just like the recognized authors do?’ So I started with short stories, which got longer and more involved. It was then that I decided that I could, and wanted, to write a full-length novel.”

Lightbulb moment

William, who recently moved from Irving, Tex., with his wife Blair to

“It’s been a greatly fulfilling experience,” he says. “But you must make up your mind from the beginning to be dedicated to a lot of tough work over the long haul, to be satisfied in knowing you have done a good job, and to please those who read your work.”

A Dangerous Marriage began as one of William’s longer short stories. It details the meeting and hasty marriage between a young woman, Julia Davenport, and a powerful New York City businessman, Peter Medea. 

“I really liked the story and began to expand on it, projecting the story into the future and beyond its original scope,” he says. “From that point, the story simply evolved. I never outlined the plot in advance and, in fact, the original short story was eventually squeezed out of the final story. It acted as a sort of ‘prequel’ to the novel itself.”

The novel, which one reviewer on described as “a beautifully written crime novel,” took William more than two years to complete.

“For the subject matter, I drew largely on memories from my own experiences including people and composites of people I have either known or been exposed to in literature and the movies,” he says. “When it came to the setting, I wrote about places where I’ve either lived or visited extensively. I have always liked stories that dwell on details and seem to bring the reader closer to reality. That’s what I tried to achieve.”

His efforts paid off. As one reviewer remarked, “The various locations (New York City, the Caribbean) in the novel are described in the kind of detail that makes you feel you are there.”

Gifted storyteller

William self-published A Dangerous Marriage through iUniverse. It is available through the largest online bookstore, Amazon
.com, in hard and soft copies as well as a Kindle version.

Since its debut in August 2012, the book has generated numerous positive reviews pointing to the captivating storyline, well-written dialogue, and thoughtful character development. Over and over again, reviewers remark that they are unable to put A Dangerous Marriage down.

“Readers have asked for a sequel, and now that Blair and I are settled at Greenspring, I intend to begin one,” says William. “It is my hope that the journey will be as fulfilling the second time around.”