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For the better

When this couple’s original plans didn’t work out, they discovered something better

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July 29th, 2015
Wind Crest residents
Wind Crest residents

By this time last year, George and Blandine Sevier would have spent more than 100 hours weeding, digging, raking, and hefting—preparing and maintaining their lawn and flowerbeds.  This year, they’re enjoying the view. 

“We worked in the yard from about the fifteenth of March to early November every year, and it was getting to be too much,” says George. “We were getting tired of all the yard work.”

They decided to forgo home and yard maintenance for a more leisurely pace. Early last year they began researching continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs). 

“We weren’t thinking about moving too much until we came to Wind Crest, and we were very impressed with what we saw,” recalls Blandine, a native Frenchwoman who taught French at University of Colorado at Denver for 27 years. “We decided to compare other places, but it was obvious that Wind Crest was the best one for us.”

They moved to Wind Crest from their ranch-style single family home in Southeast Denver on August 1, 2014. They chose a Washington-style two-bedroom, two-bath apartment home that stands up well to their former home—without all of the worries and workload. It even has a larger kitchen.

Their new home, a corner unit, features 180 degrees of windows and spectacular views of the Colorado foothills. 

“It was interesting; when we were going to move, we were supposed to move into the new building, McHenry’s Crossing, but they were sold out of the Washington we wanted. So we looked at this one, and with the view, we said, ‘It’s perfect,’” says George. 

Best value

Aside from the view, they also gained one of the best values on campus. 

Homes in neighborhood one are less expensive than the newly constructed homes in neighborhood two. Residents have access to all the same amenities and activities. And every home is renovated before a new person or couple moves in. 

George and Blandine’s apartment received new light fixtures, carpet, and granite countertops of their choice. The couple also opted to install plantation shutters, which not only provide shade while permitting a view but are a timeless addition to any home.  

Because they saved on the entrance deposit, the Seviers were also able to have extensive storage and shelving built into their cabinets and closets. Blandine can safely store her porcelain plate and oriental doll collections, extra books, and other knickknacks. And their clothes are always in order.

In fact, despite being collectors of many things, Geroge and Blandine are able to keep a neat and orderly home thanks to the space and layout. “Our house was quite dark, and now our place is so light and airy that we both feel good, and it feels very open and spacious,” says Blandine.

Reflecting on their decision to move sooner rather than wait for one of the new apartment homes in neighborhood two, Blandine says, “Now we are glad that we moved here. Everything works, and it’s the way we like it. The apartment was in perfect condition.” 

Location, location, location

Their apartment also happens to be in the perfect location. 

A model railroader since age five and a designated master model railroader since 1985, George can easily stroll down to the model railroad club room located in neighborhood one to tinker on a train or railroad ties.

“That’s another reason we moved here,” George says, “because of the model railroad club.”

At Wind Crest, he continues his hobby and shares his knowhow with fellow model railroaders. It’s an important part of his life—and he didn’t have to give it up just because he moved. 

Blandine, who loves to cook and has a cookbook collection to prove it, appreciates her spacious kitchen, which she says is larger than the one in their house. 

When they’re not tinkering or baking, George and Blandine utilize the fitness center. 

While the second neighborhood will add two complimentary fitness centers to Wind Crest’s campus, the main one is located in neighborhood one. So George and Blandine have just a short walk to state-of-the-art equipment, the indoor swimming pool, and group classes five days a week.

“I never exercised except doing yard work,” says George. “Our new fitness center has helped us both out a lot. We feel good.” 

When the weather cooperates—which is frequently at Wind Crest—they also walk the campus grounds or High Line Trail. 

“I feel both of us made the right decision,” says George. “We don’t miss the house.”