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California girl takes on Colorado

Arlene Macura enjoys the Wind Crest lifestyle

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July 7th, 2015
Wind Crest residents
Wind Crest resident

Arlene Macura has always moved into new homes, and her latest move is no different. When she discovered Wind Crest, the Erickson Living community in Highlands Ranch, Colo., she knew it was right for her. That’s why, when Wind Crest announced its newest residence buildings, she jumped at the opportunity. 

“When I heard Parry Landing was opening up and there were some new apartment models, that’s what really got me interested,” she says. 

Arlene was downsizing from a 2,800-square-foot single family house in Whittier, Calif., so she chose the all-new, 1,464-square-foot Montrose floor plan to ease her transition. 

The Montrose features two bedrooms on opposite sides of the living-dining area, two full baths, a utility room, and a large kitchen. It also has a balcony, where Arlene can enjoy views of the neighboring golf course and distant snowy peaks. 

“My first priorities were light and bright—the feeling of spaciousness,” she says of its many windows and open floor plan. “I wanted that feeling of coming into a home rather than an apartment, and this model does that.”

Arlene outfitted her kitchen with on-trend white cabinets to continue that “light and bright” feeling. 

Just as she kept the tradition of moving into a new home, she also continued her tradition of having a window over the kitchen sink.  

Social, dining hub

While Arlene designed her ideal smaller home, she recognizes the opportunities that await just outside her door. Wind Crest is bustling with activity, and that was one of the major draws to the community.

“No matter where you look, you see space around you. You see people walking or jogging, and people seem very open to meeting new friends and making them feel welcome,” she says. “Plus, there are so many activities you can get involved in if you choose to.”

Just within her own building, Arlene has plenty of options to meet people and stay social. Parry Landing is centrally located within the second neighborhood, making it a hub for activity and dining options. Its amenities include a library, private reading room, conference room, art classroom, spa, and the Timberline Tavern.

Next door in McHenry’s Crossing, which opened last November, she can have dinner at Windows Restaurant, take an educational course in a classroom, exercise in the fitness center, or grab a coffee and scone at the Blue Sky Bistro.

In the fall, High Line Overlook will open (a new clubhouse with 30 unique apartments included), adding the Arts and Enrichment Center, TV studio, Red Rocks Catering Room, Burton’s Steakhouse, and the community’s third fitness center. 

Parry Landing also isn’t far from the first neighborhood. Arlene frequently dines in the Fireside Restaurant, where she enjoys mixing with her neighbors. 

“I love the fact that you can go to dinner and mingle. Even in Fireside, where people have lived here for years, they remember what it’s like to be new and they encourage friendliness. Everyone here is very receptive,” she says.

When asked what she most looks forward to in her new community, Arlene says she wants to meet new people and take advantage of different organizations on campus, like the iPad group. 

She also anticipates traveling through Wind Crest-planned trips to area destinations like Black Hawk Casino. 

Maintenance-free living

Though she still drives her Subaru, Arlene appreciates the shuttle service and other conveniences of maintenance-free living at Wind Crest. 

“I lived in my house for 44 years, and 26 of them as a widow. After all those years of responsibility and maintenance, I was ready to cut back,” she says. 

Living in southern California, Arlene had concerns about the potentially drastic financial damage to her house, pool, and deck in the event of an earthquake. Now at Wind Crest, she not only has dodged earthquakes, but she avoids all yard and home maintenance—even something as simple as a lightbulb. 

“To me, the value comes down to the fact that if I need a lightbulb changed, I can call somebody on staff,” she says. And that goes for nearly any concerns or needs in her future.