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The choice is clear

Maris Grove offers more than a 55-plus community

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July 7th, 2015
Maris Grove resident
Maris Grove resident

Betty Zelesnick, who lives at , Erickson Living’s retirement community situated on 87 acres in the rolling hills of Delaware County, Pa., participates in nearly every aspect of its active and carefree lifestyle. 

Her involvements range from teaching line dancing and women’s billiards to choreographing and performing in campus musicals and Maris Grove’s annual Follies performances. 

Eighteen years ago, the Zelesnicks downsized from a large two-story home in Stratford, N.J., to an over-55 community in Delaware County, the county where they’d grown up.

They lived at the community for nine years, during which time they realized its lifestyle wasn’t all that carefree. 

True, the community handled exterior chores like painting, lawn care, and snow removal, but the Zelesnicks handled inside maintenance. 

And while the community had a clubhouse, residents had to go outside to reach it. 

Maris Grove has two clubhouses and ten residence buildings, all connected by climate-controlled walkways. Residents never have to go outside in inclement weather.

No cooking, no maintenance, no worries

Maris Grove boasts four on-site restaurants; the over-55 community had none.

“If I invited guests for a meal, I’d have to cook,” says Betty. “If residents had a party or held a tea, we’d have to do it ourselves or use outside catering. And we’d have to clean up and vacuum afterward.” 

At Maris Grove when Betty invites guests, she simply asks dining services to reserve a private dining room for her group. She can have guests in for special happy hours or holiday meals, or for lunch at the campus pub. And she never has to cook if she doesn’t want to.

The Zelesnicks enjoy one-level living, and Ross no longer tackles household repairs or plumbing problems because Maris Grove’s expert maintenance crew is just a phone call away, even on holidays, to solve those problems quickly and efficiently. 

Residents also have peace of mind: Maris Grove’s team of E.M.T.s provides round-the-clock security and responds to emergencies within two minutes. 

The bonus of financial security

Sales Counselor Kimberly Janson says that most people move to Maris Grove because of its 90% refundable entrance deposit. The money will be refunded to them should they move away or refunded to their estate should they live their lives at Maris Grove. “Our Residence and Care Agreement has all the details,” says Janson.

People also appreciate that a predictable monthly service fee covers the full range of utilities and campus amenities, including a fitness and aquatics center. They write just one check a month for all major costs and say goodbye to unexpected expenses and fluctuating fuel bills.

When prospective residents total their current monthly bills and factor in unplanned expenses that come with home ownership, says Janson, Maris Grove’s monthly fee usually provides more value for a comparable cost. It even covers a flexible dining plan at the campus restaurants.

Benefits without price tags

Janson says that what people treasure most at Maris Grove is the socialization. Both she and Betty have seen it change people’s lives.  

Friendships await at the postal center, in the restaurants, at every club and activity, and, of course, right next door. 

Most residents tell Janson they socialize more at Maris Grove than they did before their move. “They love the vibe and feel of the community’s active lifestyle, and they become more active themselves,” she says.

For Betty, who’s now vision impaired, moving to Maris Grove has meant independence. 

Because a smorgasbord of activities and amenities are offered right on campus, Betty can get to them without relying on other people. 

She walks to the campus bank, the convenience store and pharmacy, and to doctors’ appointments and lab draws in the full-service campus medical center. For off-campus shopping, she can ride the campus shuttle.

She’s as involved and engaged as ever. In fact, she’s rarely home.

She dances on stage for Maris Grove’s theater productions and gives billiards lessons to 30 women at Brinton Clubhouse. Her retina specialist considers her a role model for his other patients. 

Because her days are filled with wonder, fun, and laughter, Betty wishes that she and Ross had moved sooner. She encourages prospective residents to come while they’re still active. 

“Move in and have a good time,” she says. “It’s a healthy atmosphere here. You don’t have to sit by yourself in your apartment. You don’t have to be alone.”