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Meeting the needs of many

New memory care services available at Fox Run

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July 29th, 2015

In an effort to respond to the needs of the people who live at FoxRun, the Novi, Mich., community recently expanded the memory care services available in Rose Court, Fox Run’s continuing care neighborhood. The expanded services became available in January.

“Fox Run opened in 2003,” says Assistant Administrator of Continuing Care Amy Brennan. “And [we want to be able] to serve those with cognitive impairment.”

Rose Court’s Tulip neighborhood has been repurposed as a designated memory care living space. The third floor neighborhood features 22 private rooms.

“Some cosmetic changes have been made to accommodate residents, including more welcoming resident rooms, way-finding clues, and memory care stations,” Brennan says. 

Fox Run previously offered memory care services through the Erickson Virtual Memory Care product. Brennan says the new dedicated memory care wing will enable the community to better serve residents and their families. 

Some existing staff members were reassigned to work in memory care, and additional professionals with experience working with people who have impaired memories have been hired. 

“We have been encouraged by the feedback that we have received thus far,” Brennan says. “Residents and families have been involved in decisions for the neighborhood and have volunteered their time to assist with daily programming. All in all, everyone is happy to see the start of a needed level of care.”

Keeping couples together

Larry Short, who volunteered for many years as a planning facilitator for the Alzheimer’s Association, is one of the residents who have been involved in helping Fox Run expand its memory care services. Larry’s wife Charline lives in Rose Court and will benefit from the new memory care services. Previously, in their house, Larry and Charline relied on in-home aides and services, which he says was “tough.”

“That was one of the main reasons we moved out of the house,” Larry says. “The [continuing care] services here have been really fantastic.”

Because Fox Run offers both independent living and continuing care on the same campus, residents like Larry can continue to take advantage of the activities and amenities they enjoy while making sure their spouses get the care they need. Larry can conveniently spend several hours each day with his wife.

“I go over there in the afternoon and take part in some of the art activities and music activities, and we have dinner together, and then I come back here,” he says.