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My move was uneventful'

Virginia woman praises personal moving consultant’s help

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July 20th, 2015
Erickson Living resident
Erickson Living residents

“I wanted to make my move on my own terms,” says Sally Brown, who moved to , an Erickson Living community in Ashburn, Va., this past April. “As my parents got older, I had to make the decision to move them from their home of 52 years. It was a difficult but necessary decision. I did not want my children to have to do the same for me.”

For the last ten years, Sally lived in Lansdowne Woods, just minutes from Ashby Ponds.

“I attended numerous events and signed on early to the priority list,” she says.

While attending a priority list luncheon, Sally met Ashby Ponds Personal Moving Consultant Elizabeth McCumiskey. 

“Once I made the decision to move, Elizabeth visited me at my home and offered me information on downsizing and devised a plan for furniture placement in my new Ashby Ponds home,” she says.

Sally also received a list of recommended real estate agents and moving companies, all of whom have extensive experience with Ashby Ponds residents.

Helpful recommendations

“My real estate agent made suggestions on downsizing and staging to help ensure my house would sell quickly,” says Sally. “I took some items to storage, others to an auction house and consignment shop, and donated some items to charity. I was also advised to pack up my personal items such as photographs and small collectibles.”

The advice paid off. Sally had a contract on her house within a week of placing it on the market. She then began working with the Ashby Ponds recommended moving company to help pack her household items. 

“Thanks to the help I received, my move was uneventful,” she says. “I would definitely recommend Elizabeth to others. I found her to be professional, pleasant, and confident in her approach. She is easy to work with and offers good advice and suggestions. 

“Moving can be a daunting experience, but thanks to the help of Elizabeth and the entire sales staff, as well as family and friends, I am settling in nicely. I now enjoy meeting new people as well as renewing friendships with former neighbors who are also residents. There are so many possibilities for new and exciting things in my future.”