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Storage solutions for smaller spaces

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July 20th, 2015
Personal Moving Consultant Elizabeth McCumiskey
Personal Moving Consultant Elizabeth McCumiskey

If you’re putting off a move to a retirement community because you can’t imagine where you’ll put all your stuff, I have good news! While it’s true that transitioning from a large house to a cozier, condensed living space will require some downsizing, it doesn’t mean you can only bring the bare essentials to your new home. Apply some of these clever storage solutions and you’ll be amazed at how much your apartment can hold.

Maximize your wall space 

Instead of simply hanging pictures on the walls, add some attractive shelving in the living room and bedroom where you can display your favorite collectibles. 

And don’t forget the bathroom! Hang a cabinet or double shelves over the commode to store toiletries, wash cloths, hand towels, and more.

Go vertical

Choose taller, more functional furnishings that have the potential for multiple uses. For example, instead of a low writing desk, select a tall hutch or secretary with an area for book storage and drawers that can hold office supplies and other small essentials.

Bring on the baskets

Decorative baskets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Place them under your TV console table, above your kitchen cabinets, in the coat closet, or on bookshelves. They’re an attractive way to store everything from winter gloves to kitchen gadgets.

Get hooked up

Installing hooks on the back of your bathroom and bedroom doors and inside closets and cabinets can significantly add to your storage space. You can also use snap hooks in the coat closet to hang your broom, mop, and other cumbersome cleaning devices.

Give your bed a boost

Purchase a set of furniture risers to increase your under-bed storage space. And use vacuum seal bags to shrink and store bulky bed linens and seasonal clothing. 

Remember, two uses are better than one!

Consider selecting items for your apartment home that can serve a dual purpose.  If you enjoy gardening, purchase a garden stool that includes a built-in storage compartment. Instead of a coffee table, use a charming chest that can also hold afghans and throw pillows. 

Your smaller living space can have huge storage potential. All it takes is a little ingenuity and creativity!


Downsizing tip

Flip your hangers 

Turn your clothes hangers backward in your closet. As you wear an item, turn the hanger around the right way. When the season is over, you will clearly see the clothing that you didn’t wear and can donate it.