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Perfect for us'

Independence, convenience just part of what this couple appreciates about Ann’s Choice

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September 28th, 2015
Ann's Choice resident
Ann's Choice resident

When they stopped driving, Joy and Raymond Ashfield felt isolated in their house in rural Pittstown, N.J. 

Their son lived with them and drove them to errands and appointments, but they lacked the independence of getting in the car and going places themselves. 

Their pursuit of a community with on-site amenities and transportation prompted their move to Erickson Living’s community in Bucks County, Pa., late last year.

The Ashfields have friends at four Erickson Living communities and had visited a number of times. They knew they’d made the right decision.

“We liked it better than another community we considered,” says Joy. 

“We also liked the attitude,” says Raymond. “The people were friendlier.”

Top-notch security

Shortly after they moved, they experienced the community’s excellent security firsthand. When Raymond accidentally pulled one of their apartment home’s emergency cords, the security team appeared at their door in less than three minutes.

Joy, who has vision problems, says the staff’s attentiveness to residents’ safety is wonderful. For example, “The shuttle drivers are extra careful you don’t fall when you get off the bus,” she says.

She also appreciates the convenience and care provided at the on-campus medical center. The Ashfields now use Ann’s Choice staff physicians for their primary doctors. 

With three neighborhoods and three clubhouses, Ann’s Choice has a small-town feel and provides amenities such as a bank, a fitness and aquatics center, crafts studios, and three libraries.

The Ashfields patronize the postal center, pharmacy and convenience store, and one of the hair salons. 

But Joy has yet to use her stove. “I gave up cooking when we moved,” she says. 

The couple often eats with Joy’s cousin, fellow Ann’s Choice resident Bill Ledder. 

They can choose among four different campus restaurants, each of which offers five different entrées. And Raymond, a self-proclaimed fussy eater, always finds something he likes. “The food is very good,” he says.

Raymond subscribes to the flexible eating plan of 30 meal credits a month; Joy uses the 20-meal plan. “That gives us flexibility to eat out with our son Tom,” she says.  

Tom, who fully supports his parents move, has moved to Buckingham to be near them.

When he’s off on extended skiing trips, he knows his parents are safe and have myriad activities and entertainments to pursue right on campus.  

The Ashfields attend Ann’s Choice Lifelong Learning Academy lectures, and Joy volunteers at Rose Gardens, the community’s on-site rehabilitation and continuing care neighborhood.

Their new home, a two-bedroom, many-windowed corner floor plan, has proved an ideal fit. “It’s light, bright, and has lots of room,” says Joy. “Ann’s Choice is perfect for us.”