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Fresh and modern

Greenspring is committed to providing the gold standard in apartment home living

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October 23rd, 2015
Greenspring apartment
Greenspring apartment

There are many reasons why

In addition, Greenspring provides the gold standard in apartment home living. Every year, standards and upgrades are implemented to keep each home fresh, modern, and a joy to live in.

“We don’t want our apartment homes to grow older with us,” says Greenspring Director of Sales Eric Whitson. “We carefully listen to what our current and future residents desire in a Greenspring home and make every effort to provide top-notch upgrades each year.”

The best of what’s around

All Greenspring apartment homes feature a list of enviable standards, including quartz countertops; Kenmore stainless steel Energy Star appliances; and DuraCeramic floors in the kitchen, bath, and foyer. All bathrooms are fitted with tiled bath/showers with adjustable showerheads.

Newly renovated homes also include crown molding in the living room and master bedroom. To keep each home fresh and modern, recessed lighting, subway tile backsplashes, and under-cabinet lighting are provided in the kitchen.

“This year, we introduced refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom,” says Whitson. “This makes items more accessible, and residents tell us that it is much more helpful.” 

Another new upgrade in 2015 is the use of the “Lite Rise” feature on the two-inch faux wood window blinds, provided in the apartment homes. To use, simply grab the blinds from the bottom and easily push them up or pull them down without the use of a cord. 

While each Greenspring apartment home is upgraded and refreshed prior to each new occupant, current residents also reap the benefits of the community’s commitment to keeping homes up to date.

“We recently enjoyed an apartment refresh,” says community member Shirley Shifflett. “The update included new carpet and new paint at no cost. That would have been a very expensive upgrade in my previous home. 

“I found that in my more than ten years at Greenspring, when something is out of date or needs repair, it is taken care of promptly and without added cost. For example, when my refrigerator began leaking, I was given a brand-new one.”

Stunning showcase

Twice throughout the year, several Greenspring community members open their homes to prospective future residents for a real-life sneak peek into apartment home living. 

“These are our most popular events,” says Whitson. “The Greenspring Home Expo in April and the Fall Open House in October provide opportunities to see real, lived-in homes, as opposed to homes decorated and staged by professionals. At each of these events, the homeowners are available to answer questions and share their experiences.”

Many guests at these events are eager to walk through Greenspring’s most popular apartment home, the large, one-bedroom Brighton, featuring an extra-wide picture window, a full-sized walk-in closet, an extra-large living area, and a spacious kitchen filled with state-of-the-art modern appliances.

“I wanted a one bedroom with a full bath, and the Brighton is exactly what I asked for,” says community member Marcia Aberle. “One of the great things about the Brighton floor plan is that the large walk-in closet is accessible both through my bedroom and the bathroom. I decided that I would only use the bedroom access. That allowed me to purchase closet shelving that I put up against the bathroom door. Now I have an entire extra wall of closet space. It’s terrific.” 

“It’s tidbits like these that make the home expo and open house so popular,” says Whitson. “Plans are already under way for our 2016 events. My suggestion to anyone interested in attending is to join the priority list and stay up to date with all that makes Greenspring unique.”