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Making a house a home

Seabrook joins ranks of high-end builders by offering design studio

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October 30th, 2015
Custom Interiors Coordinator Linda Heintz
Custom Interiors Coordinator Linda Heintz

Seabrook, the Erickson Living community in Tinton Falls, N.J., recently added a fancy new feature: an interior design studio and specialist. 

New residents can work with an interior designer to select paint, carpeting, architectural packages, window treatments, flooring, and other décor features at no additional charge. 

And the wheels start turning from the moment they join the priority list. 

From the ground floor

“I coordinate with the sales team to get in on the ground floor,” says Custom Interiors Coordinator Linda Heintz, who started with the company in July. 

She interfaces with Personal Moving Consultant Laurie Williamson to receive a copy of a new resident’s floor plan, as well as a list of the furniture and items they will bring with them to their new home. 

“It’s all part of our comprehensive services designed to make moving to Seabrook easy and enjoyable,” says Sales Manager Alexis Bouhoutsos. “Priority list members now receive assistance with moving from their old house as well as moving and settling into their new home.”

Priority list membership not only holds a person’s place in line for the apartment home of their choice, it also avails them of Erickson Realty and Moving Services as well as Custom Interiors, the newest addition. 

“It’s hard for many people to visualize their new home from a floor plan, so having a guiding hand helps make the transition so much easier,” Heintz says.

Sample studio

After selecting their new apartment home at Seabrook, residents meet with Heintz in her design studio, where they can see and touch samples, such as carpet, tile, cabinets, granite, light fixtures, hardware, and window treatments. 

“Everyone has different styles, from contemporary to classic,” Heintz says. “I see my role as listening and guiding them in good taste.”

Heintz says, though the service just started in July, it’s been well received. “People are really utilizing it,” she says. 

A veteran designer, Heintz recently had the opportunity to work with a woman who owned a design store in Red Bank, Barbara Doyle-Howell. She moved to Seabrook in early September. 

Heintz used to purchase items from her store when she owned a design business, Landmark Custom Interiors, in Middletown. 

Barbara had previously downsized to Shadow Lake retirement community. As she downsized for a second time, she was very involved in the design process.

“She’s very into balance and varied heights,” Heintz says of Barbara.

Heintz owned Landmark Custom Interiors for 25 years. She also has worked as a schoolteacher, in sales, and in retail. “I have a diverse background, and this position utilizes a lot of it,” she says. “I can manage projects and see them through.”

She also has relationships with area craftsmen. “I’ve worked with these people for so many years, so I can confidently recommend them,” she says. 

That confidence comes in handy when she assists existing residents with renovation or design needs, as well. “I can help people who have lived here for a number of years to update their homes with easy items like window treatments, furniture reupholstery, or flooring upgrades,” she says.  

“It’s wonderful working with everyone to help make their home more personal,” Heintz says. “It’s very exciting.”