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The right resources for selling or donating your belongings

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November 24th, 2015
unloading moving truck graphic
unloading moving truck graphic

Downsizing doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right resources working for you. People moving to Erickson Living communities utilize the services of a personal moving consultant who will start with a floor plan and offer the help of a move manager. These resources are invaluable and are the first step in the process.

If you are considering selling any of your belongings, it is important to keep in mind that your goods are only worth what someone else is willing to pay. When looking for ways to sell items, make sure you use a reputable source. Try asking friends and family or go to Angie’s List ( to read reviews. You will also want to understand what expenses are associated with your source. Do they take a percentage of the sale or is it a flat rate? Lastly, don’t forget to ask what they do with your items that do not sell. 

A simpler method

Selling can be complicated, so try to keep things simple and donate your goods instead. Donation is a wonderful way to provide goods to those in need who will treasure the items more than you. When considering a donation source, understand the cause and where your goods are going. Also, make sure they will come into the home rather than you having to carry your goods out to the driveway.

Selling and donating goods are options for items in very good condition. When you have items that are worn, it is time to call a junk hauler. When investigating junk haulers, know that price is not the only comparison. Make sure you understand how much the truck will hold. Also, ask how the goods are handled once they leave you. Does the vendor recycle and repurpose?

Finally, look for community resources that can help with hard-to-dispose of items for little or no cost. Free shredding days, county recycling of electronics, prescription drug drop-off centers, and bulk trash pickups are ways to responsibly dispose of items without much cost to you.


Downsizing tip

Set a plan

Gain peace of mind by hiring an expert at downsizing to help you pull together a plan that will meet your desired timeline. Move managers also have access to many resources that will help you sell, donate, or dispose of your extra possessions.