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We love it here'

Maryland couple uses experts to help them move to Charlestown

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November 24th, 2015
Charlestown residents
Charlestown residents

One of the spaces Sandy and Otto Greul loved most in their three-bedroom Carroll County home wasn’t inside their house at all. Outside was their little piece of heaven where they enjoyed barbecuing, cozy fires in their chiminea, and puttering around in the garden. 

But as much as they loved their home of 15 years, they weren’t in love with the maintenance, upkeep, and challenges that go along with owning a large two-story home. So they began searching for an alternative. 

“We visited three retirement communities and looked at the cost, facilities, and the programs offered by each. [Erickson Living’s] Charlestown was the best of all three,” says Otto.


“We got the patio apartment that we wanted, and we sold our house in four days for asking price,” says Otto. 

“At that point we had to do everything quickly because we only had three months to downsize and move,” says Sandy. 

To the rescue

To expedite things, they hired Let’s Move, a downsizing and moving company that has helped hundreds of Charlestown residents enjoy a stress-free move.

The professionals at Let’s Move meticulously packed and unpacked everything from the Greuls’ kitchen cupboards to their medicine cabinet. 

“On our first night here at Charlestown, everything that could be unpacked was unpacked—the kitchen was done, the bookshelves and china closet filled, clothes were in closets, even our bed was made and ready to sleep in,” says Otto.  

January marks one year since Sandy and Otto moved to Charlestown. Now that they have settled in, they say they can’t imagine living anywhere else. 

“We love it here. We have made many new friends,” says Sandy. “We use the fitness center and attend a water aerobics class together. We work on the nature trail [pulling weeds, mulching, etc.] and with the Treasure Sale. You can do as much or as little as you want.”