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Who thought school could be so much fun?

Your Own University hosts engaging educational events

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November 24th, 2015
Fox Run’s Evelyn Spitzer of Your Own University
Fox Run’s Evelyn Spitzer of Your Own University

Since moving to Fox Run in 2013, Evelyn Spitzer has had all kinds of opportunities to learn new things. She is a member of a resident-run group called Your Own University (YOU, for short) that organizes a variety of educational events.

YOU classes are far from the dry lectures some people may remember from their school days. In recent months, the group has put on a wine-tasting seminar, an author’s luncheon series in partnership with the Novi Library, and has hosted speakers on history and politics.

On an ongoing basis, YOU organizes a campus-wide book club that meets once a quarter. And every month, the group hosts a showing of “Movies That Make You Think.”

“We keep ourselves pretty busy,” Evelyn says.

Evelyn belongs to the YOU committee of 12 residents that organizes the fun, educational events throughout the year. The events themselves are open to all who live at Fox Run. 

Fresh topics year-round

In the coming months, the committee plans to organize a three-part lecture series about Shakespeare and the history of the English language. Evelyn says that in the spring, they may host a lecture series on the arts. She enjoys being a part of the committee that plans and organizes the events.

“After I moved to Fox Run, I wanted to get involved with something, and Marilyn [Ratner, secretary of YOU] is a very good longtime friend of mine, so I thought this would be a good one to join,” Evelyn says.

Before moving to Fox Run, Evelyn lived in a condo about a mile away from the community. She became familiar with everything Fox Run offers through her friend Marilyn.

“When [Marilyn] and her husband moved here, I thought eventually I wanted to move here, too,” Evelyn says.