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Financial streamlining

West Houston residents enjoy predictable monthly expenses

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December 31st, 2015
Eagle's Trace resident Angela Cinque
Eagle's Trace resident Angela Cinque

Angela Cinque was familiar with Eagle’s Trace long before she moved to the West Houston Erickson Living community. Her brother Jack has lived at Eagle’s Trace since 2010.

“I saw my brother’s lifestyle and knew it was a great place to live,” says Angela, a retired teacher and assistant principal. “I joined the priority list three years ago, but it took me a while to decide to move to Eagle’s Trace.”

In the end, Angela’s home of 25 years was the catalyst that nudged her forward.

“My house needed some updates—new carpeting and remodeling in the kitchen,” she says. “I just couldn’t visualize myself going through all that turmoil.”

Angela sold her Missouri City home and moved to Eagle’s Trace in September 2015. Now that she’s settled, Angela is finding even more reasons to embrace her new lifestyle.

“Financially speaking, you have to be prepared for repairs when you own a home,” says Angela. “When I lived in Missouri City, I had to replace air-conditioning units and the dishwasher. I also had to have the house painted.”

Annual property taxes

Angela says the annual property tax bill, due in January, was another big-ticket item in the budget.

“The appraised value of my home went up over the time I owned the house,” she says. “Consequently, so did taxes. School taxes are frozen once you turn 65, but it’s still a major expense at the start of each year.”

Now, Angela says it’s much easier to write one predictable check for expenses.

Eagle’s Trace residents pay a monthly service fee that covers almost all regular living expenses, including utilities, cable TV, select meal plans, and property taxes. It also covers all repairs and replacements, so residents don’t have to budget for unexpected costs.

“I don’t worry about finding contractors now and wondering what’s a fair price for home repairs,” says Angela. “My budget is the same every month.”

Worry-free lifestyle

Jim Burkett and his wife Rhoda also enjoy their streamlined budget. The couple moved to Eagle’s Trace in April 2014 from Lakeway, Tex.

“While we lived in Lakeway, Bud and Betty O’Weiss were our neighbors across the street,” says Jim, a retired manager for Phillips Petroleum. “They moved to Eagle’s Trace several years ago. When we’d come to Houston to visit our son, we’d stop by to see Bud and Betty. We liked Eagle’s Trace so well that we joined the priority list.”

Jim, who currently serves as chair of the community’s financial club, says the move to Eagle’s Trace simplified their budget and the number of home maintenance chores he had to undertake.

“We lived in our home in Lakeway for 24 years,” he says. “That adds up to quite a lot of maintenance. We had to put on a new roof, replace heat pumps, and have the house painted. Now, we don’t worry about any of those things.”