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A place of beauty

Local artists find inspiration at Eagle’s Trace

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December 31st, 2015
Resident artists at Eagle’s Trace
Resident artists at Eagle’s Trace

Cynthia Doney’s first drawing was of an arched bridge in Wilmington, Del., where she and her husband Bill lived for 41 years.

“I draw whatever catches my eye,” says Cynthia. “My husband and I spend our summers in Michigan, and I love to draw the trees when we’re there. It’s a way for me to capture my surroundings.”

When Cynthia and Bill started looking at retirement communities in Houston, a place that afforded them a strong connection to the outdoors was on their must-have list.

“I wanted to live somewhere I could enjoy the beauty of nature,” says Cynthia. “Eagle’s Trace has it all—a lake, gorgeous trees, and plenty of room to enjoy the outdoors.”

Best of all, the community has an arched bridge.

“I took one look at the bridge and fell in love,” says Cynthia. “Our apartment has a patio that overlooks the lake. The arched bridge was one of the first things I drew after we moved. Bill and I love to sit outside and enjoy the beauty around us.”

Art exhibit inspired by Eagle’s Trace

At Eagle’s Trace, Cynthia is in the company of other artists who are inspired by the natural beauty around them.

For the community’s tenth anniversary celebration in October 2015, resident artists displayed artwork inspired by Eagle’s Trace.

“We moved to Eagle’s Trace when it opened in 2005,” says Pat McKinley, who lives in the Pecan Grove residence building with husband Jim. “The view of the lake from our fourth floor apartment gives me great pleasure and peace.”

Pat submitted her painting entitled View From My Window for the community’s tenth anniversary art show.

Community of artists

Lill Arnold teaches a weekly watercolor class at the West Houston Erickson Living community. She had several paintings in the art show, including one entitled Across the Pond and another she calls Magnolias.

“I didn’t start to paint until I was 50,” says Lill. “I took some adult education classes, and my interest grew from there.”

Lill says her role in the watercolor class ranges from teacher to mentor.

“We have several established artists who come for the social aspect of the class,” says Lill. “Then there are others who want a little more instruction and coaching.”

Lill says the wide variety of artwork displayed at the tenth anniversary show is a testament to the creativity of the resident artists.

“All the submitted pieces were completed since the artists moved to Eagle’s Trace,” she says. “It was a way to showcase their work as residents.”

Shared experiences

Pat Dial used pieces of fabric to create scenes that capture community life. One of her quilted creations highlights the entrance of Eagle’s Trace, with two silhouettes walking through the front door. The caption under the scene reads, “Walk into the light.”

“I wanted to create something we could all relate to,” says Pat. “Everyone who lives here knows how it feels to walk through those doors as a resident for the first time.”