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Wearing many hats

Meet Devonshire Sales Associate Sunnye Neto

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December 31st, 2015
Devonshire Sales Associate Sunnye Neto
Devonshire Sales Associate Sunnye Neto

Sunnye Neto, who this past summer joined Devonshire at PGA National’s sales staff as an associate, brings an ideal combination of personal experiences and professional credentials to her position at Erickson Living’s retirement community in Palm Beach Gardens. 

Neto grew up in a household that included her two grandmothers, and her parents’ dance band played Big Band music at Kansas-area country clubs whose members knew that era’s music firsthand. 

In fact, starting at age 12, Neto, who played tenor saxophone, joined the band for several years. 

Because she felt so comfortable around older generations, she pursued a career that focused on them. She moved to the Palm Beach area ten years ago.

Neto has a degree in psychology and a resume that includes employment in home health, plus management positions in admissions and marketing at local continuing care facilities.

At Devonshire, she wears many sales hats, interacting with people just starting to research retirement communities and with people ready to move in as new Devonshire neighbors.

She greets visitors, leads tours, and answers question after question about Devonshire from first-time callers. 

Neto also monitors Devonshire’s webpage at and mails information packets in response to online requests.

Most important, she guides prospective community members through each stage of Devonshire’s pre-residency interview process. 

‘Good news’ about Devonshire’s lifestyle

Neto says that when she’s giving tours, residents often come up and tell the visitors about the “good news” of Devonshire. 

“And when I walk around the grounds,” she adds, “residents are so friendly and so proud of living here. They make it clear that Devonshire is a family.” 

That family feeling emanates from Devonshire’s staff as well. “We’re genuinely committed to caring about people,” Neto says. “Erickson Living has the corporate culture I’d been looking for and is the best company I’ve ever been associated with.”

She sees and talks with community members every day. 

Neto’s tempo changes off the job. When she’s home, she enjoys reading and spending time with the her family’s pets, a dog and two cats. 

On weekends, she accompanies her husband, a bass guitarist. His band plays three or four gigs each weekend at venues ranging from tiki bars and casinos to large private parties. Neto goes along to listen and dance to the music. 

She also keeps some musical commitments of her own: Neto gives hour-long vocal performances of standards and other familiar songs at local care facilities.

She hopes to add Chatsworth, Devonshire’s  five-star rehabilitation and skilled nursing community, to her performance calendar.