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Enjoying the best of both worlds

High demand for Greenspring’s one-bedroom apartment homes mirrors growing trend

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January 8th, 2016
Greenspring resident
Greenspring resident

According to a recent Bloomberg Business article, “Tiny Houses Big With U.S. Owners Seeking Economic Freedom,” the trend to purchase smaller homes and downsize living space is gaining popularity among Americans. The result is a lifestyle that minimizes expenses and provides more economic freedom.

“We’ve seen this trend translate to the apartment styles our newest residents are selecting,” says Eric Whitson, sales director at

“Not only are these beautifully appointed homes less expensive than our larger models, they still provide access to all the wonderful amenities that make living at Greenspring such a pleasure. In fact, almost one-third of our apartment homes are sought-after one bedrooms.”

Currently, Greenspring’s one-bedroom, one-bath Brighton is the community’s hottest-selling style, boasting a large, open living space, modern kitchen, and a spacious master bedroom retreat with a full bath and walk-in closet. 

“I’m very happy I chose the Brighton,” says Glenn Immer, who moved to Greenspring last February. “I find that I have more than enough room for all my belongings. The open floor plan provides a lot of flexibility. My living room is big enough for a large couch, desk, two six-foot-tall bookcases, and a banquet table. The closets are large and my bedroom is perfect for my queen-sized bed and two more six-foot-tall bookcases.”

Financially sound decision

With an occupancy rate of over 98%, one of the highest in the country for continuing care retirement communities, Greenspring understands both what people want and need when it comes to retirement living.

“Everyone I meet who is interested in the Greenspring lifestyle is eager to make a financially sound decision for their future,” says Sales Counselor Sheila Willing. “No one wants the burden of a home that is more than they can afford. Our one-bedroom homes offer that peace of mind with a smaller entrance fee and lower monthly service package. That’s why we offer more Brightons than any other floor plan on campus.” 

“As a single man, I did not want to spend the extra money for a larger, two-bedroom apartment home,” says Glenn. “It just didn’t make sense for me. There are so many public spaces at Greenspring that there is no need to meet friends and family in your private apartment.” 

Glenn also finds that his home provides the flexibility he needs to work on freelance computer programming projects. 

“I have room in my apartment to set up a variety of portable tables to complete the work,” he says. “I also have plenty of room in my large bedroom closet to hold boxes of papers and other work-related items.”

Life outside the front door

In the Huffington Post article “Smaller House, Bigger Life,” David Geller, CEO of GV Financial Advisors, points to the disconnect between large living spaces and the time and resources needed to live life to its fullest.

“We have to spend our time, energy, and money to furnish and maintain the home, leaving us less time for activities that we enjoy and may be more meaningful to us. We have less time to spend with friends and loved ones,” he says. 

In lieu of spending time and money on the upkeep of a big house, Greenspring residents enjoy the perfect-sized home and access to a wide range of unbeatable amenities and services right outside their front door. 

The community boasts a fitness center with an indoor pool, a medical center, four restaurants, a performing arts center, classrooms, four hair salons, and two bank branches. There are also more than 200 resident-run clubs and activities providing a wealth of opportunities to meet like-minded friends.

“I love the culture at Greenspring,” says Glenn. “There is so much positive energy, it’s contagious and rewarding. Each night, I show up for dinner as a party of one and enjoy sitting with different groups of neighbors. I’ve had amazing conversations with people. Should you choose to be social, there are so many opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.”  

Seize the moment

Selecting a one-bedroom home at Greenspring also provides the best chance of moving to the popular community in the short term. 

“Currently, we have a small handful of one-bedroom apartment homes available,” says Willing. “But as history has shown us, they won’t last long. We anticipate filling these homes in the next four to six weeks.”

“I’m very happy I selected the Brighton and moved to Greenspring,” says Glenn. “There is so much going on that I’m able to build my own lifestyle and live the life I want to live.”