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Everyone’s a winner

Wind Crest takes first place in Walk Around the World

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January 4th, 2016
Carole Schneider, Wind Crest resident
Carole Schneider, Wind Crest resident

During the month of September, nearly 700 Erickson Living residents, staff, family, and friends walked more than 65,000 miles—effectively circling the globe at the equator almost three times. Walking was measured in three categories: percentage of walkers, percentage of countries and states, and percentage of miles walked. Wind Crest, in Highlands Ranch, Colo., took first place in all three categories. 

“Our residents know each September we have this event,” says Wind Crest Wellness Tech Kelly Wallace. “They will start asking about details long before we post any information. We have an active and competitive community.” 

Year-round dedication

Wallace says the community hosts various fitness-related events throughout the year in addition to daily group fitness classes and personal training in its on-site fitness centers. 

“Having a healthy and active lifestyle is a high priority for a lot of our residents at Wind Crest,” says Rehabilitation Wellness Tech April Teller. “The really cool thing about this challenge was seeing the residents get so much support from friends and family.”

Erickson Living Director of Operations Jeff Watson congratulated all teams on their participation, which he says embodies the Erickson Living lifestyle. Erickson Living communities focus on helping people live happier and healthier lives through nutrition; education; socialization; and routine, moderate physical activity—much like the world’s “blue zones.”

In 2004, researchers Michael Poulain and Gianni Pes developed the theory of blue zones—areas around the world where the average person lives notably longer. They highlighted places like Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Icaria, Greece; and Loma Linda, Calif. 

Poulain and Pes researched the cause of increased life expectancy in these areas and found certain lifestyle factors. There, the people:

• Ate more fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and fish

• Kept moving with moderate, routine physical activity

• Invested in relationships

• Smoked less

“Erickson Living communities have always enjoyed an annual walking challenge in the fall. In an event such as the Walk Around the World, everyone is a winner,” says Watson. “According to the latest research, when we spend a minute walking, we add about two minutes to our life. When we move from a sedentary lifestyle to being moderately fit, we reduce our chance of death from all causes by about 58%.”