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Trading up

Mimi Travis trades her Center City apartment for more convenience, activity, peace of mind

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January 7th, 2016


Location isn’t everything.

A year ago, Mimi Travis lived at William Penn House in the heart of Center City Philadelphia.

Her 22nd floor apartment afforded sunset views, was a block from Rittenhouse Square and her job at Raytheon, and put Mimi within walking distance of Philadelphia’s many cultural attractions. 

For more than 40 years, “It was like living in Manhattan,” says Mimi. “I loved it.” 

Then last year, she says, she moved to an ever better address: Ann’s Choice.

Wonderful change of pace

Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., provides important on-site benefits unavailable at Mimi’s former home, things like wraparound medical care, a wealth of life-enhancing amenities, and 150-plus activities.

For example, Mimi gets her hair cut at a campus salon and uses the fitness center, all-season swimming pool, and pharmacy-convenience store all on-site. For more extensive shopping, she rides the Ann’s Choice shuttle to local malls. 

Mimi wanted to live where she could be active, and Ann’s Choice definitely fits the bill.

Mimi travels often with the Trips and Travel group. “I’m up for anything that appeals to me and is reasonably priced,” she says. 

She rides with her neighbors in climate-controlled comfort on an Ann’s Choice bus and enjoys the convenience of door-to-door pickup and drop-off.  

Among a raft of destinations, her excursions have included the Philly Pops, Longwood Gardens, and New York City’s 9/11 Museum and Observatory.

When Mimi told a Center City friend what she’d paid for one of the trips, the friend couldn’t believe it. “That’s a steal!” she said.

On campus, Mimi attends Ann’s Choice Lifelong Learning Academy lectures, plays mah jongg, and volunteers at Channel 5, the community’s in-house TV station. 

She also chairs the Jewish Residents Council’s program committee. 

‘Life is easy here’

Mimi says the best thing about Ann’s Choice is its convenience. She enjoys one-level, maintenance-free living, regulates her own heat and air-conditioning, and has her pick of five different dining venues all right on campus.

She also has a washer and dryer in her home; regardless of a resident’s floor plan, they’re standard equipment.

Mimi has never regretted her seemingly spur-of-the moment decision to move.

“I felt God was sitting on my shoulder,” Mimi says. “I don’t have any family. What if I got sick? Or fell? Or had a heart attack or stroke?”

Ann’s Choice provides peace-of-mind answers to those questions.

Should Mimi need temporary outpatient rehabilitation or care, it’s available on campus at the community’s continuing care neighborhood. “My home will be waiting for me when I return, or I can have in-home care at my apartment,” Mimi says. 

Last summer, she changed her doctor. She now sees an Ann’s Choice physician whose office is in the on-site medical center and treats only residents. “She explains things,” Mimi says. “My previous doctor didn’t.”

She’s gained other health benefits, too. As one who enjoys walking for exercise, Mimi takes advantage of her home’s beautiful 103-acre grounds, indoor circuit of hallways and bridges, and the nature trails at Warminster Park next door. 

As a result, she’s lost weight, and her lab results have improved. 

She’s even looking forward to winter snowfalls. While the Ann’s Choice grounds crew clears the roads and walkways, Mimi wants to sit in her bay window and watch the snow pile up on trees and lawns.

“To me, life here is very easy,” she says. “It was the best decision I ever made.”