Have the rules for dating changed?

Created date

February 10th, 2016

If you’re single, recently or seemingly since forever, do you have to change to adapt to today’s dating scene? The answer, I’m afraid to say, is complicated and depends on various factors. Let’s examine some of them.

Almost everyone with poor vision wears glasses (young people do, too), but too many of us who need auditory assistance avoid wearing a hearing aid because it makes us “look old.” 

When it comes to dating later in life, you’re going to have to deal with changes in your physical abilities and those of anyone you date. If your date needs a cane to get around but is a great conversationalist, then don’t waste a second wondering if you should go out with him or her.

Instead, try learning about the possible problems and challenges of the opposite sex. Just because you’ve seen the commercials for Viagra, doesn’t mean you understand erectile dysfunction. And many men know the term menopause but don’t have the vaguest idea what that entails. Believe me when I say that these gaps in your knowledge will make dating a lot more difficult. 

The matter of intimacy

Sometimes, it’s uncomfortable talking about certain matters; hints can be useful, but they only work if the other person knows enough to understand what you’re hinting at. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re actively contemplating sex or not; it’s just better for the entire dating process if you’re up to date on what the opposite sex may be experiencing.

Can dating be platonic? It can be, but that’s like a ship with a gaping hole on its side. It can sail along for a while, but eventually it’s going to sink. If this person you’re dating meets someone who is willing to be more intimate, there’s a good chance you’re going to lose him or her. That’s not to say you have to hop into bed right away, just that you should keep the bedroom door ajar, not locked tight. 

Finally, don’t dread dating but rather accept its challenges. You’ve undergone far more difficult experiences in your life, of that I’m sure, and the potential rewards make it well worth the effort.