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Let’s talk about faith (part two)

Q&A with Blanche Blitzer, Cedar Crest Jewish Council representative

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February 17th, 2016
Cedar Crest’s Blanche Blitzer (left)
Cedar Crest’s Blanche Blitzer (left)

In the second of a series on faith and faith communities, we focus on the Jewish community at Cedar Crest in Pompton Plains, N.J. Who are the people within this close-knit community, and what do faith and community mean to them?

Blanche Blitzer moved to Cedar Crest 12 years ago from Wayne, N.J., and has held various roles on its interfaith board and Jewish Council ever since, including serving as the very first president of the Jewish Council. Today, she serves as its membership chairwoman. Here, she shares her thoughts on faith and appreciation for her community.

Q: Why is your faith important to you?

A: It’s something I believe in wholeheartedly. I believe in God, and how we practice is how we differ from friends in other faiths. My faith satisfies all my needs. 

Q: Why is being part of a faith community important to you?

A: It’s very important because it makes us more respectful and appreciative of different people—their generosity, courtesy, respect, consideration. It’s important for the friendships that we make. 

Living at Cedar Crest, we get a lot of caring and respect for each other. We even have a Compassion and Caring Group, in which all three faith communities are involved. 

Q: What is the value of having a strong interfaith community at Cedar Crest—for you personally, for the community as a whole, or both?

A: I am proud of how this community and its interfaith communities can live together and respect and honor each other. Our interfaith community is very significant and important at Cedar Crest. We are all agreeable and considerate and respectful of each other.

Q: What services and celebrations do you take part in throughout the year?

A: I take part in the Hanukkah program, which is open to everybody, in the performing arts center. I also like the square dance, which is also open to any faith. Because that’s what it’s all about—sharing. 

Q: Do you have anything else you’d like to add on the topic? 

A: Cedar Crest is a wonderful place to live and be comfortable—not just in your apartment but walking around here, greeting people, meeting people. The social aspects are outstanding.