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Meet Ryan Doherty

Ann’s Choice gets a new sales associate

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February 16th, 2016
Ryan Doherty, Ann’s Choice senior sales associate
Ryan Doherty, Ann’s Choice senior sales associate

When Ann’s Choice, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., named Ryan Doherty its senior sales associate last spring, they chose the ideal person.

He holds a marketing degree from Temple University; he has a history of promotion within Ann’s Choice; and as one of nine children, he knows the value of teamwork. 

As senior sales associate, Doherty mainly provides information over the phone, assists at sales luncheons, and leads personal tours. 

He grew up nearby in Southampton and in high school had classmates who worked as student servers at Ann’s Choice; they told him it was great place to work. Doherty’s brother, who’d also worked at Ann’s Choice, said the same thing. 

When he was a sophomore in college, Doherty applied for a job there. The community’s employee tuition reimbursement program helped him complete his degree. 

Learning the ropes

He started at Ann’s Choice as a full-time service associate in Banners, the campus café, was promoted to service coach, and then was named administrative assistant for dining services and resident life departments.

Because resident life is an umbrella department over more specialized sub-departments such as social work, pastoral ministries, and the fitness center, Doherty got a good grounding in how departments function individually and jointly at Ann’s Choice.

So, in addition to his college coursework, he also received an education in how a premier retirement community operates.

His next promotion, to service manager in one of the community’s five on-site restaurant venues, kept him in dining services. 

“But because my field is marketing,” Doherty says, “I always had my eye on the sales office.”

On the job

He’s enthusiastic about his new responsibilities. “The best thing is the interaction with people interested in coming to Ann’s Choice,” he says. 

“It feels good to know they want to take advantage of all the things we offer. My primary responsibility is to give them an honest picture of Ann’s Choice so they can make a decision that’s right for them.”

He finds it especially gratifying when visitors are wowed by what they see during a sales event or on a personal tour. “You can paint a picture for people,” Doherty says, “but what convinces them is seeing for themselves how they’ll benefit.”

A cousin and two siblings have also worked at Ann’s Choice, and his sister currently works as a student server.

Off the job, Doherty follows Philadelphia’s sports teams and enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking. 

A newlywed, last fall he took on responsibilities that prospective residents tell him they’re eager to shed, those of home ownership. Doherty is now making mortgage payments!