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Patient-centered care a draw for physician Betsy Moody

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February 17th, 2016
Dr. Betsy Moody
Dr. Betsy Moody

Dr. Betsy Moody is one of the physicians who work on staff at the on-site medical center at Linden Ponds, the Erickson Living community in Hingham, Mass. Moody describes her approach to practicing medicine as “patient-centered.”

“I try to help individuals identify their goals for their care and life and establish a care plan together that will move them toward accomplishing those goals,” she explains.

Commitment to patient care

Moody came to Linden Ponds in 2013. She says she was attracted to the community because it gives her the ability to practice geriatric medicine in the continuum of care within one on-site environment among medical professionals with similar values.

“My colleagues share my enjoyment of our residents in their diversity of backgrounds and personalities,” Moody says. “I admire my colleagues’ commitment to patient care.”

Previously, Moody worked at a geriatric practice in Worcester, Mass., at the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center, and as the medical director of the medical acute care unit at Roger Williams Medical Center continuum of care geriatric practice. 

She earned her undergraduate degree at Tufts University and attended UMass Medical School. She completed her residency at UMass Memorial Internal Medicine in Worcester, and is board-certified in internal medicine and geriatrics.

Moody says that the way she is able to practice medicine at Linden Ponds’ medical center is unique because physicians have more time to get to know their patients. 

The first appointment for new patients is always a full hour. During that time, the medical staff collects the individual’s medical history, social and family history, and information about health maintenance and prior vaccinations. 

Moody says a review of systems is also obtained and entered into the electronic medical records system. The patient’s advance medical directives are also reviewed, and his or her doctor completes an initial physical exam.

“What may be different from most doctor visits is the thoroughness and depth of information obtained, as well as an attempt to get to know the individual as a person and their preferences for their health care,” she says. 

Straightforward approach to health

Moody’s advice for staying healthy as you age is straightforward: exercise and socialize. 

She says the retirees living at Linden Ponds are in an ideal environment for maintaining their health. In addition to having access to an on-site medical center, residents also enjoy a lifestyle that promotes many aspects of well-being.

“The emphasis on physical fitness with our fitness center and the medical group’s commitment to encouraging exercise as well as social fitness with the myriad of groups and activities all contribute to residents’ good physical and mental health,” Moody says. 

Moody practices what she preaches by maintaining her own healthy lifestyle. She tries to eat a healthy diet and gets regular exercise by jogging, swimming, and cycling. 

She lives in Norwell, Mass., and she enjoys spending her downtime with her family, playing the piano, gardening, and ballroom dancing. 

Work/life balance is also important to Moody, and she says that is part of what helps her maintain her own well-being. She says achieving that balance is something she has been able to do while working at Linden Ponds. Moody was previously the community’s medical director, but last year, she decided to transition into her role as staff physician—allowing her to continue practicing medicine while still having time for her personal life. 

One of Moody’s professional areas of focus is Alzheimer’s and other dementias. She served on the board of the Alzheimer’s Association in Rhode Island during her time there and developed a deep personal connection to the disease when her own father developed it.

“I have been involved in Linden Ponds’ Memory Care program and would like to become further engaged in program enrichment at Linden Ponds,” Moody says.