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Years in the making

Maryland couple happy to finally call Charlestown home

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February 16th, 2016
Charlestown residents
Charlestown residents

When Jack and Jane Anderson decided to sell their one-bedroom condominium after ten years and make good on their plans to move to Charlestown, they never anticipated it would be so easy. 

“We always knew in the back of our minds that we would move to Charlestown,” says Jack. “We were familiar with the area and had friends who already lived here. After being on the priority list for many years, we decided we were ready to start looking.”

But they didn’t have to look very long. A one-bedroom apartment on the sixth floor overlooking the Baltimore skyline ticked all their boxes. 

“As soon as Jack saw the view, he said, ‘This is the one!’” says Jane.  

Myriad services

With their minds made up, the Andersons turned to Personal Moving Consultant Vera Ballard, who provided them with a variety of moving services and resources to get the ball rolling. 

“They had so many services that proved to be helpful and we utilized all of them,” says Jack. “Vera came out and measured our furniture to help us determine what would go where. She also referred us to our real estate agent, Greg Kinnear. Greg’s expertise was a big help. He took care of everything when it came to getting our condo ready to sell.” 

Per Kinnear’s advice, Jack and Jane decided to make a few minor updates to their condo before listing it and opted to move prior to the work being completed. That advice paid off. Jack and Jane moved into their new apartment at Charlestown just two months after they began their search and sold their condo a few months later. 

“Charlestown’s sales staff was very helpful and reassuring throughout the entire process. Everything fell right into place,” says Jane.

Since moving, Jack and Jane enjoy traveling, taking on-site classes, and volunteering as resident ambassadors. Jack is an aspiring member of Charlestown’s Black Swan Yacht Club, the Benevolent Care Committee, and uses the on-site fitness center, while Jane volunteers with the Treasure Sale, participates in a book club and is a member of Charlestown’s Bead Boopers.    

“We have no regrets,” says Jane. “We love it here and feel very blessed and happy to be here.”