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Get the facts about Highland Springs

Q&A with Sales Counselor Christina Christie

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March 21st, 2016
Highland Springs Sales Counselor Christina Christie

Highland Springs Sales Counselor Christina Christie

Highland Springs, the most popular address for retirement living in North Dallas, is growing again. 

The community recently broke ground on the first residence building in its second neighborhood, Pecan Grove. Featuring 108 elegantly appointed apartment homes, Pecan Grove will also include under-building parking, the Reunion Grille restaurant, and an exercise studio.

To learn more about the fast-paced growth at Highland Springs, the Tribune recently sat down with Sales Counselor Christina Christie.

Q: What sets Highland Springs apart from other retirement communities in North Dallas?

A: We offer the full continuum of care, including assisted living, post-acute rehabilitation, long-term care, and memory care right here on campus [AL Facility ID: 105429]. And we are a fee-for-service community—not life care—so you don’t pay for medical care you don’t need. 

The size of our community is another big advantage. Other communities may have a visiting doctor who comes in once a week or a bank that provides services on certain days. Highland Springs has its own medical center with full-time physicians on staff, a full-service bank, and many other amenities that offer the full complement of services to our residents.

Q: What is the financial structure at Highland Springs?

A: Our financial structure has two components. First, we have an entrance deposit that is 90% refundable—the Residence and Care Agreement has all the details.

The second component is the monthly service package, which includes everything you would normally pay as a homeowner, except Internet and phone. The monthly service package includes utilities, a flexible dining package, use of all amenities, property taxes, and home maintenance.

Q: What percentage of Pecan Grove is reserved, and when do you expect it to open?

A: Pecan Grove is already 30% reserved, and we anticipate it will open in late 2016. 

We opened our most recent residence building, Willow Ridge, in April 2015, and it was 90% reserved before it opened. It’s important to reserve early to get the best selection of apartment homes.

Q: How does someone reserve an apartment in Pecan Grove?

A: The only way to reserve an apartment is to join our priority list. Whether you want to move now or years from now, the priority list is the best way to ensure you’ll get the apartment you want when you’re ready to move.

All it takes to join the priority list is a fully refundable $1,000 deposit and a $150-per-person nonrefundable application fee. The day you join the priority list becomes your priority date. When an apartment becomes available that meets your needs, you’re given first right of refusal based on your priority date. 

If you choose to pass on that apartment, you retain your place on the priority list, and we’ll contact you when the next apartment becomes available.

Q: Are there other benefits to the priority list?

A: Absolutely! Priority list members are the first to know about special offers and new construction. They receive exclusive invitations to events at Highland Springs, and they have access to our on-site medical center.

We also offer our Live the Life program to priority list members, inviting them to spend a night in one of our guest suites, enjoy meals in our restaurants, and participate in any clubs or activities that interest them. Several guests have accelerated their decision to move once they experience all that Highland Springs has to offer.

Q: For those interested in Highland Springs, how can they learn more?

A: I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about Highland Springs to schedule a visit with me. I’ll answer any questions and show you around our beautiful community.