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Jumping in with both feet

Plano couple carving their niche at Highland Springs

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March 21st, 2016
Highland Springs residents Ann and Jack Schulik

Ann and Jack Schulik moved to Highland Springs in May 2015.

Jack and Ann Schulik have only lived at Highland Springs for ten months, but they’re already carving their own niche at the North Dallas community.

The long-time Plano residents moved to Willow Ridge, Highland Springs’ fourth residence building to open, in May 2015.

“The nice thing about moving to Willow Ridge right after it opened was that we moved around the same time as our neighbors,” says Jack. “Everybody was new, so we were all in this experience together.”

Part of the experience included learning just how many resident-run activities and clubs are available at Highland Springs.

Everyone has a story

Elaine Lagerstrom oversees the publication of Voices of Highland Springs, an in-house publication written by and for residents.

“When Elaine found out I had written articles for The Plano Profile, she called me and asked me to write for Voices,” says Jack. “Next thing I knew, I was a staff writer.”

Jack ventured into journalism shortly after he retired in 1999, following a 32-year career with J.C. Penney.

“One of my employees had gone on to become the managing editor of The Plano Profile, a monthly magazine distributed at no charge to residents of Plano,” says Jack. “She asked me to write a story about adjusting to retirement. Then she asked me to write a series of articles about Plano residents with interesting travel experiences. I did that for five years.”

At Highland Springs, Jack finds plenty of new material to inspire him.

“Just about everyone who lives here has a story,” he says. “I recently interviewed another Willow Ridge resident, Blake Waterhouse. He’s a retired doctor who plays for a national softball team. It’s really incredible.”

Full calendar

When Jack’s not writing, his days are filled with activities at Highland Springs and in the larger North Dallas community.

“Ann and I still have many ties to Plano,” says Jack. “We’re finding a good balance between our existing activities and new opportunities at Highland Springs.”

Jack served on the board of the Plano Symphony Orchestra for 18 years.

“We go out to dinner with friends from the symphony board every Wednesday,” he says. “On Fridays, we eat out with friends from church.”

At Highland Springs, Jack chairs the Resident Life Committee and plays water volleyball. Ann has joined Lady Links, a group that helps those with memory loss. They both work out in the fitness center and play bridge on Thursday evenings.

Travel continues to be a priority. The couple has three cruises planned for 2016. They also signed up for a trip to Georgia and San Antonio with others from Highland Springs.

“One of the reasons we decided to move to Highland Springs last year was so that we could enjoy this lifestyle,” says Jack. “We don’t have to worry about the upkeep of a house anymore. Right before we moved, three things went wrong with our swimming pool. I don’t have those kinds of concerns anymore.”