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Painting Tallgrass Creek

Resident brings artistic passion to new home

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March 21st, 2016
Resident Florence Shattuck

Resident Florence Shattuck

The approximately 500 people who live at Tallgrass Creek, an Erickson Living community in Overland Park, Kans., hail from both near and far. As a result, the community represents a wealth of experiences, backgrounds, and interests.  

“Our residents move here from many different places,” says Blake Marshall, director of sales at Tallgrass Creek. “I’ve heard many times it’s one of the things that make Tallgrass Creek a special place to live.”

A different landscape

Florence Shattuck is one of those far-from-home residents. She lived most of her life in Vermont, including 40 years on a dairy farm. Florence moved to Tallgrass Creek in July to be close to her two daughters who live in nearby Leawood, Kans., and Brookside, Mo. 

“It’s definitely a change, but change can be good,” says Florence. “People have been very welcoming and friendly, which makes the change easier.” 

Florence brought her life’s passion with her when she moved to Kansas. She is an accomplished artist known for her watercolors of peaceful, bucolic scenes. Over the years, she has sold numerous paintings. Since moving to Tallgrass Creek, she has become known for her lovely greeting cards that depict copies of her watercolors. 

“I’m a very visual person, and though Kansas is different from Vermont, it has its own unique colors and peacefulness,” says Florence. 

Many days, Florence can be found in the community’s Market Place, a mini grocery and sunny gathering spot for refreshments, or outdoors around the campus where she creates another project she loves.

“I write journals of what I see and then paint accompanying scenes,” says Florence. “The journals are small and handy, and each is one of a kind.” 

The journal Florence created since she’s lived at Tallgrass Creek depicts charming vignettes  around the campus, such as the outdoor patio tables with their striped umbrellas welcoming the Kansas sun; colorful scenes from the community garden where residents have individual spaces for growing flowers and vegetables; the area’s natural prairie grasses waving in the breeze; and interesting architectural structures such as gates, arches, and lanterns located around the campus. 

Her story

Another of Florence’s special projects is the handmade “artist” book that depicts her late father’s work as a Swiss-trained lace and embroidery designer. Her daughter Christine loved the meaningful memento and created a CD of the book, which Florence narrates. 

Florence will soon show the special book and CD, along with her journals and art, at one of the community’s “My Story” presentations where individual residents share overviews of their lives and accomplishments. The lively gatherings take place in the community’s clubhouse living room and are one of several learning opportunities sponsored by Tallgrass Creek’s Lifelong Learning Committee.

Not surprisingly, Florence enjoys both the writing and nature clubs at Tallgrass Creek as she continues to make herself at home. 

“I’m meeting people and enjoying this area,” says Florence. “I also appreciate the native grasses, plantings, and natural beauty around the campus. I find much to love here.”