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When the unexpected happens

Richmond man takes roundabout route to Eagle’s Trace

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March 21st, 2016
Resident Richard Marks and Sales Counselor Jodie Schroeder

Eagle's Trace resident Richard Marks and Sales Counselor Jodie Schroeder

Three years ago, Richard Marks didn’t have any notion of leaving his Richmond, Tex., home of 33 years.

“I liked my house,” says Richard, who had retired as the general manager of a car dealership. “I didn’t want to move.”

But then life changed without warning.

“I was visiting a friend at his ranch in Kendleton [in western Fort Bend County] and driving his tractor when the tractor caught fire,” says Richard. “I jumped off, but I didn’t clear the tractor. The rear wheel and the batwing ran over me.”

Richard was treated at Memorial Hermann in Houston’s medical center before he was transferred to a local acute care facility.

“I needed better care, and one of my daughter’s friends recommended Eagle’s Trace [in West Houston],” says Richard. “The community had just opened its continuing care neighborhood in the summer of 2013, so I moved to post-acute care at Eagle’s Trace.”

Once back on his feet, Richard returned home to Richmond.

“I started to look at my house in a different way,” says Richard. “The stairs were the biggest problem. The main living area and kitchen were upstairs, so it would me take quite a while to get all the groceries unloaded.”

Second stay in continuing care

It wasn’t long before Richard found himself back at Eagle’s Trace.

“My Achilles tendon ruptured,” he says. “I had surgery to repair it, and this time I knew I wanted to recover in continuing care at Eagle’s Trace.”

During Richard’s second stay at Eagle’s Trace, he began to consider a permanent move to the Erickson Living community.

“My children, Rob and Suzanne, were in favor of the move, and they supported me through the process,” says Richard.

Richard met with Sales Counselor Jodie Schroeder to look at available apartments in the independent living residences at Eagle’s Trace.

“I had to make a psychological shift from thinking that I’d stay in my house forever to considering that Eagle’s Trace might offer a better lifestyle for me,” says Richard, who reserved an extra-large, one-bedroom Ellicott-style apartment in April 2015.

Confidence to move forward

“Richard’s move to Eagle’s Trace was unique because he’d already experienced the community firsthand before he moved into his apartment,” says Schroeder. 

That experience gave Richard the confidence to move forward.

“I really like the way I was treated in continuing care,” he says. “The staff at Eagle’s Trace is extremely attentive. I never hear ‘no.’ They find a way to accommodate the residents.”

Richard listed his Richmond home in July 2015. It sold in one day for more than his asking price. At the same time, Richard was settling into his new apartment.

“Haven [Benoit, personal moving consultant at Eagle’s Trace] recommended a moving company, which turned out to be an excellent service,” says Richard. “They set up my bedroom exactly the way I had it in my house. My alarm clock was even in the same place and set to the correct time. The first time I walked in the room, I felt like I was at home.”

Richard says the transition to his new lifestyle at Eagle’s Trace is even better than he could have imagined. 

“I lived alone in my house,” he says. “Now I’m surrounded by people, and everyone smiles and says ‘hello.’ This was the best decision I could have made.”