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‘From all walks of life’

Linden Ponds the home base for diverse, interesting, talented residents

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April 12th, 2016
Annette Sexton

Annette Sexton worked as a town administrator in Norwell, Mass., for 20 years. Now she helps Linden Ponds run smoothly by serving on the community’s Resident Advisory Council.

Annette Sexton worked as a town administrator in Norwell, Mass., for 20 years. Now retired, she lives at Linden Ponds, where she lends her many years of professional expertise in running a town to the smooth operation of the Erickson Living community in Hingham, Mass. 

For six years, Annette occupied the seat on Linden Ponds’ board of directors reserved for a resident. She recently completed her term on the board and was elected to the Resident Advisory Council (RAC), an important and influential committee that serves as a liaison between management and residents.

“I understand budgets and financing and things like that, and Linden Ponds is like a small town,” Annette says. “I know there is some progress we are hoping to make, and I thought maybe I could be of help.”

Top priorities

As a member of RAC, Annette serves as liaison to the dining committee. One of the projects she’ll be working on is the rollout of the new Signature Dining program, through which Linden Ponds’ restaurants will begin offering a new menu of made-to-order meals. 

She says one of the RAC’s other top priorities is providing support to management as the community makes decisions about adding assisted living facilities. 

“They have been planning on [adding assisted living] for a long time,” Annette says. “Having worked with the board, I can say we are lucky to have people who are so committed to residents.”

Exploring hobbies

Annette also cochairs Linden Ponds’ Catholic community. In addition to providing eucharistic ministry to residents, the group organizes a monthly Friday evening mass and puts on four social events every year. 

Aside from her leadership roles, Annette has an interest in genealogy and belongs to Linden Ponds’ genealogy club. She has two children and four grandchildren, for whom she has written original children’s stories. During the summertime, she travels to her home in Nova Scotia.  

Living at Linden Ponds gives residents all kinds of opportunities to explore unique hobbies. Annette volunteers as a host on a live show aired on the community’s in-house television station. Residents run all of the cameras and equipment in the state-of-the-art campus TV studio.

“When I moved here, I said, ‘I want to do something I’ve never done before,’” Annette says. “They had the TV studio, and I thought that would be cool to get involved with.”

Sharing gifts

What Annette appreciates most about living at Linden Ponds are the many vibrant, intelligent and interesting people who live there. Many retired professors, accomplished executives, published authors, and talented artists and musicians are among her neighbors. 

People have moved to Linden Ponds from all over Massachusetts, as well as from many other states, and some residents have lived abroad. 

In fact, there are so many retirees with so much diverse knowledge to share that the residents often teach the on-campus lifelong learning courses rather than having to bring in professors from nearby universities.

“The beauty of this place is that there are so may interesting people from all walks of life, and everybody is so willing to give of their talents,” Annette says. “You would have no way of meeting all of these people if you didn’t live here.”