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Choose the right hospital based on the nursing care

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April 6th, 2016
Nursing care team at hospital.

Nursing care team at hospital.

If you are having elective surgery, choosing the right hospital may affect your outcome. But the factors that make a good hospital great such as good patient outcomes, low infection rates, and high patient and staff satisfaction may not be the only factors you should consider.

A study published in the journal JAMA Surgery has shown that the quality of nursing care may be a key factor in whether you have a good postoperative outcome. Researchers evaluated over 25,000 matched pairs of Medicare patients having surgery in 328 hospitals. The pairs of patients were similar in age, sex, demographics, chronic illnesses, and illness severity. They also had identical surgical procedures. Data analysis revealed that patients who had the surgery in Magnet hospitals had significantly lower death rates. 

What does Magnet mean?

Figuring out which hospitals have excellent nursing care is easier than you think. The American Nurses’ Credentialing Center developed a way to determine the hospitals with superior nursing care. It’s called the Magnet Recognition Program. A hospital is awarded Magnet status if it satisfies a set of criteria, including high levels of job satisfaction, low staff nurse turnover rate, and nursing involvement in data collection and decision-making when delivering patient care. Magnet hospitals also have open communication among nurses and other health care team members and an appropriate mix of staff members to achieve the best patient outcomes.

Only 8% of hospitals in the United States attain Magnet status. You can find a list on the American Nurses’ Credentialing Center’s website (