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It’s a guy thing

Stretch, sweat, and smile

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April 11th, 2016
(From left) Tallgrass Creek residents Bill Klasinski, Dick Robison, and Bob Mueller

(From left) Tallgrass Creek residents Bill Klasinski, Dick Robison, and Bob Mueller

Three mornings a week at Tallgrass Creek, you’ll find a roomful of men exercising energetically and enjoying every minute of it. The group, Men’s Only Strength Training (M.O.S.T), meets in the community’s clubhouse classroom and listens and watches attentively as Fitness Specialist Camin Bell calls the moves. 

“We’ve all adopted Camin [Bell] as our honorary granddaughter,” says resident Conk Buckley. “She runs a great class, and no one misses if they can help it.”

Bell’s 45-minute class starts with stretching exercises and then works into aerobic and strengthening activities. Class participants use all kinds of exercise tools, including weight-bearing equipment, balls, and resistance bands. The music is always on, chatter is encouraged, and the atmosphere is light and fun. 

At the end of class, Bell adds another 15 minutes of mat exercises on the floor for those who want to participate. She knows each member of the class well and is quick to note that she, too, enjoys the class.

“We exercise every joint of the body at each class and have a lot fun while doing it,” says Bell. “The comments are always funny, and we all get a good laugh, which actually exercises the abs.” 

Fitness and fun

In addition to the M.O.S.T. classes, Bell has designed and leads 15 other group fitness classes that run throughout the week. They include stretching and strengthening, gentle yoga, chair exercises, and a dance fusion class. She also leads two classes at Tallgrass Creek’s continuing care neighborhood. 

A variety of water-based exercises are also offered throughout the week in the community’s glass-enclosed, temperature-controlled aquatics center. Wellness Coordinator Cydney Cunningham coordinates and leads these classes. 

Austin Welsh, M.D., the community’s on-site medical director, and John Saxer, M.D., also on-site at Tallgrass Creek, encourage both land- and water-based exercise classes for residents.

“The medical staff is very supportive about staying fit and active,” says Bell. “Cydney and I work hard to encourage exercise and fitness in ways that are fun and appealing so people want to participate.” 

Resident Bill Klasinski, a regular at the M.O.S.T. class, would agree.

“Exercise and camaraderie go hand in hand in the men’s-only class,” says Bill. “Camin’s personality and style fit right in and it makes the class one you don’t want to miss.”