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Let’s talk about faith (part three)

Q&A with Millicent Marco, Jewish council representative

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April 12th, 2016

In the third and final article in a series on faith and faith communities, we focus on the Jewish community at Seabrook, in Tinton Falls, N.J. Who are the people within this close-knit community, and what do faith and community mean to them?

Millicent Marco moved to Seabrook from nearby Long Branch in August 2004 and serves as chair of the Jewish community’s ritual committee. Here, she shares her thoughts on faith and appreciation for her community.

Q: Why is your faith important to you?

A: My faith is deep, and my connection to my people also is deep. I cannot imagine a world or life without the sense of God. 

Q: Why is being part of a faith community important to you?

A: Not only do I need the religious/spiritual connection, I need the social components as well and the chance to celebrate our holidays together. 

Q: What is the value of having a strong interfaith community at Seabrook for the community as a whole?

A: The depth of the spirituality of the community is emotionally, socially, and ethically supportive.

Q: What services and celebrations do you participate in throughout the year?

A: Feast days, holy days, Sabbath prayers, daily prayers.