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The perfect space

Riderwood resident’s home reflects her interests and needs

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April 12th, 2016
Maggie Silberstein

Maggie Silberstein says her Gilbert-style apartment home, which features one bedroom plus a den, is the perfect amount of space for this stage of her life.

Until late 2014, Maggie Silberstein lived in a house in Silver Spring, Md. After her husband passed away, the house was more space than she needed. Many of her retired friends were living in one-bedroom apartments, which Maggie says seemed a bit too small for her. But then she found the right amount of space in a Gilbert-style apartment home at Riderwood, featuring one bedroom, a den, and a spacious open living and dining area. 

“I like having the extra room,” Maggie says of her den. “I have my file cabinets and all of my paperwork and my computer in there, so it is set up pretty much as a home office.”

The right fit

Maggie worked with Riderwood’s personal moving consultant to select the perfect apartment home for her needs. 

In addition to having a den, Maggie says she wanted a picturesque view. It wasn’t too difficult to find, as most of the apartment homes overlook Riderwood’s manicured lawns, trees, and walking trails. Maggie ultimately selected a floor plan with a large window overlooking a courtyard.

The right location

Because Riderwood is located only a few minutes from Maggie’s former Silver Spring neighborhood, she is able to remain active in that community and keep in touch with old friends and neighbors.

“I still go to the same church, and a number of our parishioners have either moved to Riderwood or are planning to,” she says.

Maggie also keeps in touch with her former colleagues in Washington, D.C. Her latest career was as a psychotherapist. She had previously taught college English and worked as an editor for a technical publishing company, a trade association, and as the publications editor for the League of Women Voters. She enjoyed those jobs but felt a calling to become a therapist.

“All my life, people have always talked to me about their problems, starting when I was in high school,” Maggie says. “As you get older, the problems people talk to you about are a little more serious, and I thought I should know what I was talking about, so I went back to get my master’s in social work.”

When she isn’t busy socializing with her former neighbors from Silver Spring or catching up with colleagues in Washington, Maggie enjoys getting to know her new neighbors at Riderwood. She particularly enjoys attending the movies shown on campus as well as music performances and other live entertainment in the performing arts center.