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Rarely at home

Devonshire’s lifestyle accommodates an on-the-go lifestyle

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April 11th, 2016
Devonshire resident Nancy Levine

Devonshire resident Nancy Levine

When Nancy Levine moved from New York to Florida last year, she didn’t want an impressive apartment home so much as she wanted an exhilarating lifestyle.

For 21 years, she’d moved to the pulse of a Manhattan rhythm, and she didn’t want to change her tempo.

Of course, because she moved to Devonshire, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Palm Beach Gardens, she does live in an impressive apartment.

Nancy’s one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath Ashton floor plan suits her admirably. “Everything is new and bright and beautiful,” she says. Her walls and décor feature vibrant colors and unique art, some of which she fashioned herself. 

Activities at home and off campus

She moved from a one-bedroom condominium near Columbus Circle. Her new home has all the space she needs because as she explores her new surroundings and connects with interesting people and stimulating activities, Nancy is rarely at home. 

She’s sampled nearly every activity Devonshire offers, from the fitness center and flower arranging classes to lectures, live entertainment programs, and movies in its intimate theater.

“I love Devonshire’s activities and the places to go,” says Nancy. “The staff is wonderful and the food is too good.”

But she also cherishes that Devonshire gives her the freedom to live as she wants.

So, when she hears about interesting events in and around Palm Beach Gardens, she checks them out and expands her friendship circle at the same time. 

For example, because Devonshire’s community members have privileges at PGA National, Nancy takes Pilates there twice a week. She’s also attended PGA members’ events like the Christmas party and the monthly trivia evenings. 

She’s arranged for Devonshire’s complimentary club car transportation to take her to regularly scheduled commitments like Pilates, a discussion group at the Jewish Community Center, and Friday services at Temple Judea. (Nancy, who walked or rode the subway everywhere in Manhattan, doesn’t own a car.)

But for spur-of-the-moment nighttime or Sunday excursions, she uses other transportation—the ride-sharing service, Uber. “It’s my best friend,” she says. When Nancy taps the Uber button on her smartphone and requests a ride, a driver arrives in seven minutes. 

The perfect choice

Choosing Devonshire was an easy decision for Nancy. She always knew she’d move to Florida. Although her three children live in three different states, she has dear friends in Boynton Beach. 

Last January, she and her friends toured Devonshire and attended its Sunday brunch. Nancy was impressed, but wanted to know what living there was really like. 

“It was important for me to choose where I’d live,” she says. “And it was [critical] that I could do the things important to me.”

So in March she stayed in a Devonshire guest room, attended a Pilates class at PGA, and toured Chatsworth, Devonshire’s five-star rehabilitation and continuing care neighborhood. Assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing are all part of Devonshire’s life care offering.

Nancy’s observations convinced her that Devonshire was right for her. 

She says her life only lacks one thing now: the perfect volunteer opportunity. Nancy isn’t ready to slow down. 

“I want to volunteer with people in a place where I’ll make a difference,” she says. She knows the ideal opportunity is out there, and her next new friends just might lead her to it.