The use of lines in photographs

Created date

April 6th, 2016
John Toutkaldjian photo showing converging lines.

John Toutkaldjian photo showing converging lines.

Photographers use a number of different methods to create an image that has interest, appeal, and depth. 

One method involves the use of lines:

• Straight lines

• Diagonal lines

• Curvy lines—particularly S-curves

• Converging lines—actually two lines that seem to meet in the distance 

With converging lines, there is a strong emotional effect on the viewer when lines seemingly unite at a far-off point. Think of railroad tracks, stairs, or buildings that extend into the sky.

Lines are a visual tool that photographers employ to direct the eye of the viewer to the main subject in a photo. Lines can also move the viewer’s attention from one area of the photo to another. Lines form circles and triangles—two strong graphic shapes that draw the eye and attract attention.

Lines can appear in many forms: the shore line of a beach, slats on a bench, or a walking path. Look for these features when you take photos. They help make your photos more pleasing and interesting. Lines are a powerful means of guiding a viewer’s eye in a photograph.