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Wedding bells echo

Couple gets second chance at happiness

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April 12th, 2016
John LaPlaca and Delmy Boyle-LaPlaca

John LaPlaca and Delmy Boyle-LaPlaca

The dining services department at Ann’s Choice caters a variety of breakfast gatherings and special events. 

It also caters wedding receptions for residents of the Bucks County, Pa., Erickson Living community. 

Following their marriage at Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church, Ann’s Choice residents Dave LaPlaca and Delmy Boyle-LaPlaca held a joyous reception on campus in its large and beautifully appointed multipurpose room. 

More than 80 extended family members attended and danced to live music from a band that plays at the community’s Saturday night dances.

Delmy was overwhelmed by Catering Manager Lisa Sicilia’s efforts. “The flowers were beautiful,” she says. “Everything was lovely. It was more than we expected.”

Friendship, faith, family

The newlyweds met several years ago during dinner at an on-campus restaurant. Dave and his wife and Delmy, who was a widow, found themselves seated at the same table. 

Sitting with neighbors they haven’t yet met is a popular way for new residents to make friends at Ann’s Choice. 

The three diners hit it off; they shared a Catholic faith and had large, close-knit families. 

Then, a few years ago, Dave’s wife passed away. Some time later, he invited Delmy to dine with him at a local country club. “Going to dinner became a habit,” she says. 

Dave met Delmy’s five children and eight grandchildren, all of whom live near Ann’s Choice, and Delmy met Dave’s five daughters who live in the area. 

She met his two sons and their families when she and Dave attended a grandson’s baptism in California last November; Dave has 22 grandchildren.

By then, the twosome was a couple. “I liked Dave a lot, so I wanted to know his intentions,” Delmy says. Just before Christmas last year, Dave told her.

He brought her to a jewelry store and said he wanted to buy her a ring.

Delmy thought he meant an ordinary ring. But when she selected something plain and the saleswoman said, “I think you want to pick something else,” she got the message. 

Dave officially proposed on Christmas Eve, and Delmy fairly shouted, “Yes!”

A second chance

She’s now moved to his apartment home, and the newlyweds share a blissful and comforting companionship. They pursue independent interests but come together every evening. 

Dave still works part time at his insurance company as his daughter prepares to take it over. He also helps with Ann’s Choice’s annual golf outing to benefit the scholarship fund for its student servers. 

Delmy’s priority is family, so her commitments take her off campus.  

She loves Ann’s Choice. It lets her lead the easy life she sought when she moved from her too-big house. And after years of cooking for seven people, she enjoys dining on chef-prepared meals at the on-campus restaurants. 

Adding marriage to her lifestyle? “We help each other,” Delmy says. “It’s wonderful.”