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Hidden costs of home ownership

Is it really cheaper to stay in your house?

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May 12th, 2016
Riderwood resident Elaine Wunderlich

Elaine Wunderlich crunched the numbers, and she says Riderwood is a better financial value than the cost of living in her Laurel, Md., townhouse.

Before Elaine Wunderlich and her late husband decided to move to Riderwood from a townhouse in Laurel, Md., they crunched the numbers to determine which living option would be least expensive—their townhouse or Riderwood

When they looked at everything they were spending to live at their townhouse, they discovered that Riderwood was actually the better value.

No more hidden costs

“We were paying a cable bill, which we didn’t have to pay anymore at Riderwood. We also spend much less on groceries because [of Riderwood’s flexible meal plans],” Elaine says. “And I think most people that move in here find they don’t need two cars anymore.”

When comparing your current living expenses with Riderwood’s monthly service package, you can’t forget all of those “extras” that add up—lawn care, trash collection, gutter cleaning, pest control, and a security system, just to name a few. All of those things, plus amenities like an on-site fitness center and a full calendar of regular social activities, are included in the monthly service package at Riderwood.

“Many of our incoming residents are pleasantly surprised when they compare their current monthly budgets to the monthly service packages at Riderwood,” says Sales Manager George Mishraky. “Most people that are moving to Riderwood have visited at least one other community. By and large, people are coming to two consistent conclusions: Riderwood is the best value, and the community of people at Riderwood is unmatched.” 

Beyond 24/7 security

Another advantage of living at Riderwood is security. Not only are residents protected because the gated community is staffed with 24-hour security and on-site emergency medical technicians, but they also have the priceless feeling of financial security in retirement. 

The monthly service package makes expenses predictable and eliminates unpleasant surprises like a property tax hike or a broken furnace. 

What’s more, residents never have to worry about having to move because of a genuine, unforeseen financial hardship. Through its Benevolent Care Fund, Riderwood provides several options for residents to protect their future. The Residence and Care Agreement has full details.

“It is hard to put a dollar figure on peace of mind, but because of our home for life commitment, community members know that even in the face of a catastrophe, they have a place they can call home,” Mishraky says.