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Thinking of moving? Bring in the pros

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May 11th, 2016
Wanda M. Boucher is an account manager with Let’s Move, LLC, a senior move management firm.

Wanda M. Boucher is an account manager with Let’s Move, LLC, a senior move management firm.

For many people, when the time comes to make the move from their home of 40 or more years to a retirement community, they often turn to well-intenioned family members who have offered their support with downsizing, packing, and moving. Despite those good intentions, daily life often gets in the way, leaving much of the physical and emotional strain of the move to the one making the big adjustment.  

Because I work in a senior move management firm, I often encounter clients considering managing their own move. They believe this will help reduce costs and provide more control over the move process. Often, however, this course of action results in exceeding their move budget and escalating the stress level of everyone involved.

Bring in the pros 

Surrounding yourself with a team of proven move professionals will not only relieve much of the stress associated with moving, it will also afford you the opportunity to enjoy what should be an exciting time in your life. 

Personal moving consultant. She can connect you with senior move managers, preferred movers, and resources in the retirement community such as Custom Interiors. Your personal moving consultant is equipped to manage and support your move each step of the way.

Senior move managers. They take the time to understand your physical and emotional needs. They will develop a project plan and budget that supports your specific needs. These caring, compassionate individuals can coach you through the downsizing process and guide you in making decisions that are best for you.  

Preferred movers. Erickson Living communities carefully vet their movers. Preferred movers work closely with the senior move managers to see that treasured items are safely packed and transported to your new home. Their familiarity with the retirement community aids in keeping costs down and unforeseen issues at bay.

Community resources. An Erickson Living community’s Custom Interiors and General Services departments are available to support you with customizing your new apartment home to reflect your design style and specific needs.  

Bringing in the pros will assure you a smooth and relatively stress-free move to the home you envisioned while allowing your family the time to focus on their most treasured item—you!


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