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You never know who you’ll meet

Friendships old and new await at Windsor Run

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May 12th, 2016
Long-ago neighbors (from left) Jim and Barbara Lyons and Sally and David Welday

Long-ago neighbors (from left) Jim and Barbara Lyons and Sally and David Welday catch up during a visit to the Windsor Run Sales Center.

A trip to the Windsor Run Sales Center has the possibility of becoming a life-changing experience. For many, it’s the opportunity to see the Erickson Living lifestyle in Matthews, N.C., firsthand. The comfortable, state-of-the-art center includes iPads for viewing floor plans, a design studio, renderings of the future community, and a Windsor Run video.  

The Windsor Run Sales Center is also a great place to meet people who may one day be your neighbors. 

But for Jim and Barbara Lyons, a weekday visit to the sales center was also an opportunity to reconnect with former neighbors—neighbors they had not seen in more than 63 years!

“It’s a remarkable, simply amazing story,” says Jim. “My wife and I had recently taken advantage of an opportunity to have lunch at the Windsor Run Sales Center. We learned a lot about the community and were immediately impressed. We decided to schedule an appointment to learn more.

“On the day of our appointment, we were standing in the sales center talking with Tom Senger [director of sales] and his team. Someone announced that the Weldays had arrived for their appointment. That stopped me in my tracks. It’s not a name you hear every day. And lo and behold, in walked David and Sally, our nextdoor neighbors from our college days at the Miami University of Ohio. 

Instant recognition

Despite the 63 years that had gone by, the couples instantly recognized each other. 

“When we saw Jim and Barbara, we were amazed,” says Sally. “It is really unbelievable. Only God could have put that together! The last time we saw each other was in 1954, the day we graduated from college!”

As college students, the two couples lived side-by-side in Veterans Village, the school’s housing for married World War II veterans, known as “Vetville.”

“Our homes were leftover WWII military housing units split in half and we each had one side of it,” says Sally. “The walls were paper thin between us and we cooked on a two-burner hot plate and on a roaster oven that sat on the front steps.”

Since the chance meeting, both couples have enjoyed reminiscing and reconnecting.

“When Barbara and I got home from Windsor Run, we started looking through old photographs and remembering a great time in our lives,” says Jim. “Our college years were really wonderful.”

As members of the priority list, the Weldays hope that the Lyons will someday be their neighbors again.

“To me, that’s the most exciting part about Windsor Run,” says Sally. “All the possibilities both for the friends to be made and the old friendships that will be rekindled.”