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Make your retirement research a priority

Top reasons to join Riderwood’s priority list

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June 30th, 2016

If you think a move to Riderwood could be in your future, Sales Manager George Mishraky says joining the community’s priority list is a no-risk way to keep your options open. 

Joining the priority list essentially secures your position on Riderwood’s waitlist for your preferred apartment home. Priority list members have first right of refusal when their desired apartment home styles become available, based on their joining date.

“The priority list is a great planning tool that includes many benefits to prepare retirees for their move to Riderwood,” Mishraky says. “By joining the priority list, retirees will be able to get the apartment they want, when they want it.” 

600 strong and growing

There are currently more than 600 people on Riderwood’s priority list, and Mishraky says another 175 people are expected to join before the end of the year. 

Riderwood’s occupancy has steadily risen over the past five years, and the community is currently 95% occupied. Mishraky says some apartment homes are currently available at Riderwood, but there may be a wait time for the most popular two-bedroom, two-bath styles, including the Manchester, Oxford, Worthington, Lancaster, Washington, and the extra-large, custom two-bedroom, two-bath units. 

“Folks sometimes wait 9 to 12 months, while more rare apartments could take 12 to 15 months,” Mishraky says.

Mishraky says priority list members enjoy a number of other benefits in addition to securing their place in what is expected to be a growing line. 

For example, if you join the priority list, you can get a taste of life at Riderwood by staying overnight at the community for two or three days through the Live the Life program. As a priority list member, you will receive notice about special promotions and will be entitled to use Riderwood’s facilities, amenities, doctors, and pharmacy—all on site.

Moving assistance

One of the biggest advantages of joining the priority list is Erickson Realty and Moving Services. Each Erickson Living community has its own personal moving consultant who provides complimentary coordination of all realty and moving needs, including downsizing, home staging, packing, and selection of a real estate professional. They’ll even help with furniture placement and interior decorating.

“We will be by your side every step of the way to help get your house ready to be listed by recommending a real estate agent, a handyman if needed, as well as packers, movers, and unpackers,” Mishraky says. “Those agonizing memories from your last move are a thing of the past because making a move to Riderwood has never been easier.”

Another perk of priority list membership is invitations to exclusive events at Riderwood. Throughout the year, the community hosts luncheons, open houses, wine and cheese socials, and other special events at which people can get more information and learn about everything Riderwood has to offer. 

Periodically, priority list members may attend elegant resident-hosted dinners, where they have an opportunity to socialize in an intimate setting with the people who will become their neighbors. 

Mishraky says one of the most popular recent events has been a seminar series at which experts provided helpful tips on simplifying your life. 

“The main topic is downsizing, whether it’s through an auctioneer, a hauler, or a senior move manager. We have all the resources to make this simple for you,” he says.

Upcoming events

Riderwood has a number of special events for priority list members planned for this summer.  

In August, a continental breakfast will be served during an open house, which includes a tour of apartment homes. 

A three-part downsizing seminar will take place throughout the summer. Each event will feature a downsizing seminar on a specific topic, hors d’oeuvres, and apartment home tours. 

Lastly, priority list members who want to get more information about everything Riderwood has to offer can attend luncheons throughout the year Sales Director Jason Longwell often speaks at these events, while guests enjoy a plated lunch and then tour apartment homes.

Get comfortable

When you consider all of the benefits that come with joining Riderwood’s priority list, there’s really no downside to signing up, even if you’re not quite ready to make a move right now. Mishraky says it’s never to soon to begin researching your retirement living options.

“The best thing retirees should do is get comfortable with their community of choice,” Mishraky says. “The only way to do that is to get involved and to visit frequently for events, appointments, and even clubs.”

To make it even easier for people to begin the process of deciding whether Riderwood is right for them, the community is currently waiving the processing fee to join the priority list. Applicants only have to put down a $1,000 deposit, which can be refunded at any time or put toward the entrance deposit when they reserve an apartment home.

“Joining the priority list is risk-free,” Mishraky says. “So why not join, enjoy the benefits, and be able to make a well-informed decision?”