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The real deal

Greenspring known for its low-key, helpful approaches to making retirement decisions

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June 30th, 2016
Sales Associate Matt Mooney and Strategic Marketing Director Melissa Williams are all set to meet arriving guests at one of Greenspring’s marketing events.

Sales Associate Matt Mooney and Strategic Marketing Director Melissa Williams are all set to meet arriving guests at one of Greenspring’s marketing events.

Each month, hundreds of people eager to learn more about Greenspring, an Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va., walk into the sales office for the first time. Uncertain as to what they’ll find, these newcomers are happy to discover a knowledgeable sales team and a pressure-free environment supporting questions and discovery.

“Walking through the doors is like walking into the home of a good friend,” says Greenspring Sales Counselor Sheila Willing. “There is never any sales pitch, no pressure to make decisions, just a team of dedicated senior living professionals ready to answer the important and unique questions posed by each guest.”

With a variety of events scheduled throughout the year, the Greenspring sales team does their best to provide numerous opportunities to discover real life at the community that boasts one of the highest occupancy rates in the nation.

“Being informed about what the Greenspring community offers is the first step to making intelligent decisions about how to enjoy your golden years,” says community member Aris Staruch, who moved to Greenspring with her husband Phil in 2012.  “You’ll quickly discover that Greenspring provides a lifestyle that is free from worry, free from stress, and provides interesting activities to enjoy.”

A time of discovery

“Our sales team is dedicated to helping people make the right decision when it comes to their retirement, even if that means they chose not to move to Greenspring,” says Director of Sales Eric Whitson.

By scheduling an initial appointment, making return visits, and attending events, guests to Greenspring will not only learn more about the community, they also enjoy opportunities to speak to current residents who may one day be their neighbors.

“Phil and I attended many events prior to our move to Greenspring,” says Aris. “The more we visited, the more we learned. We enjoyed all the various marketing events, but our most favorite were the wonderful luncheons featuring resident speakers presenting their personal points of view regarding both their move experience and their new life at Greenspring. As a result, we discovered rather quickly that this is where we wanted to live.”

Since moving to Greenspring, Aris signed up to serve as one of the resident speakers she found so helpful during her discovery process. 

“No one can make you do something that you aren’t ready for or don’t want to do,” she says. “Phil and I never felt pressured to make a quick decision. The members of the sales team were helpful and informative but laid back when it came to giving us advice. We were very much in control of the process and what we wanted to accomplish.”

Years of experience

Vernon “Jiggs” Kaliher spent more than seven years visiting Greenspring even though he decided to the move to the community almost immediately.

“While on a trip to see my daughter and her family in Burke, Va., [my daughter] suggested we visit Greenspring. We willingly did so, without staff, for an hour. It only took that long to eliminate all other communities we had seen in the Tidewater and Williamsburg, Va., area. There was no comparison, in my opinion. I walked into the sales office and joined the priority list. 

“While on the priority list, I visited the campus to attend events or spontaneously about five times. I always spoke with residents and never heard an adverse or negative comment about living at Greenspring.”

Like Aris, Jiggs now meets with potential residents during their visits to the community. 

“I always like to suggest joining the priority list,” he says. “Because I did so, when I was ready to move, I was at the top of the waiting list for my desired apartment home, the Hamilton. I was moved in within 60 days and have never been happier with my decision.”

Bountiful opportunities

This year, Greenspring is hosting a plethora of opportunities for both newcomers and repeat guests to the community, including the “Live Well” seminar series, the annual home expo, the “Simplify Your Life” event series, and a Saturday summer open house.

“As we see potential residents attending all the various events here at Greenspring, Phil and I smile thinking about how lucky we feel to be here at a relatively early retirement age,” says Aris. “We are able to enjoy all the various activities offered. If you truly want to enjoy living at Greenspring, then don’t wait too long because as the saying goes, ‘Father Time marches on, and Mother Nature waits for no one.’”