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Under one roof

Imagine living in a community where family members work

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June 30th, 2016
(From left) Sales Counselor Dana Bradshaw, Sales Director Holly Henderson, Personal Moving Consultant Elizabeth McCumiskey, and Sales Manager Casey Jaekle

(From left) Sales Counselor Dana Bradshaw, Sales Director Holly Henderson, Personal Moving Consultant Elizabeth McCumiskey, and Sales Manager Casey Jaekle all have family members living at Erickson Living communities.

“Every day, I help people discover why Erickson Living communities, like Ashby Ponds, provide the best lifestyle for seniors but not because it is my job,” says Director of Sales Holly Henderson. “I do it because I strongly believe it’s true.” 

Henderson’s in-laws, Don and Joan Henderson, moved to Ashby Ponds last spring and couldn’t be happier. “Their lives are fuller because of their decision to move, and I love the fact that every day I am able to help other families make this discovery.”

Remarkably, Henderson joins two other members of the Ashby Ponds sales team who believe so strongly in the Erickson Living lifestyle that they encouraged their beloved family members to make the move. 

Another team member, Casey Jaekle, was so impressed with the lifestyle enjoyed by his grandparents at Greenspring, an Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va., that he changed the course of his career.

A brand-new life

“Since they’ve moved to Ashby Ponds last spring, Don and Joan are busier than they’ve ever been,” says Henderson. “Previously, their social life revolved only around their family. Now they are constantly going out with friends to eat, listening to speakers, and joining new groups. My husband Mike and I, we are thrilled that they are meeting new friends and having a great time.”

Even with all their new friends, family remains the most important part of Don and Joan’s lives. At Ashby Ponds, they’ve been able to maintain family traditions.

“Every year, my mother-in-law hosts a big family get-together the Friday before Christmas,” says Henderson. “Nineteen of us come to their house to celebrate. This past Christmas, their first at Ashby Ponds, they were able to keep this tradition alive. They reserved the catering room at the Great Oak Clubhouse and had the meal catered. For the first time ever, my mother-in-law didn’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning. Instead, she thoroughly enjoyed every minute we had together. It was an amazing time for all of us.”

Like Henderson, Ashby Ponds Sales Counselor Dana Bradshaw works down the hall from where her mother-in-law Carolyn Bradshaw moved four years ago. Dana Bradshaw’s husband Doug also works at Ashby Ponds as the senior facilities manager.

Carolyn had worked at a hair salon for many years. When it closed, and before she moved to Ashby Ponds, she got a job in the hair salon at Greenspring. 

“I tell people every day how wonderful it is to live at an Erickson Living community, but Carolyn didn’t need to take my word for it,” says Bradshaw. “She experienced it firsthand when she worked at Greenspring. She chose Ashby Ponds to be closer to Doug and me and our two daughters. For us it is a godsend; we know that she’s taken care of no matter what the future may bring.” 

In addition, Doug Bradshaw’s aunt and uncle Lynne and Roy O’Connor live at Greenspring. 

“They are also living life to its fullest,” says Bradshaw. “I actually have a difficult time getting in touch with them. They are so busy with their friends and activities that they are never home.”

Ashby Ponds Personal Moving Consultant Elizabeth McCumiskey also enjoys working in close proximity to her husband’s grandfather Harold Jones, who moved to Ashby Ponds in July 2011.

“At the time, he was living in North Carolina but wanted to move closer to family,” she says. “Harold is 96. We were thrilled that he chose Ashby Ponds because of the security of knowing that whatever the future holds, he will be well cared for.

“As a single man, now that he lives here, he enjoys the fact that he no longer has to care for a house, and all his meals are prepared for him. He also enjoys playing bocce and corn hole with his neighbors.”

Life-changing for all generations

Unlike his coworkers, Ashby Ponds Sales Manager Casey Jaekle came to Erickson Living thanks to his grandparents, Charles (Chuck) and Ann Jaekle, who live at Greenspring. Working as a historical tour guide for the National Park Service in Charleston, S.C., Casey knew he hadn’t yet found his true calling.

“It was a seasonal job, and I knew it was only temporary,” he says. “My grandparents asked me if I had ever thought about working with seniors. As two of the community’s first residents, they both had wonderful things to say about Greenspring. I wasn’t sold, but I agreed to meet with the executive director, who reinforced everything they were saying.”

Jaekle began his Erickson Living career in September 2006 working in human resources at Erickson Living’s corporate offices, in Catonsville, Md.

“Before I accepted the job with Erickson Living, I lived in Alabama and did not see my grandparents often,” he says. “I enjoyed the fact that I could now visit with them more regularity. I saw firsthand how well they were cared for. Prior to working for Erickson Living, I simply thought that Greenspring was a nice place with a pool, great food, and a fitness center. But as an employee of the company, I was able to pay much more attention to everything my grandparents did and were involved in. I watched how much better their lives were now that they were living at Greenspring.”

Jaekle also credits the fact that his grandparents live at Greenspring for saving Ann’s life. 

“A few years ago, my grandmother was experiencing great pain and was extremely weak,” he says. “My grandfather pulled the pull-cord in their apartment, and security arrived in a matter of seconds.” The on-site EMTs quickly took Ann to the hospital where doctors discovered she was experiencing kidney failure.

“She was on dialysis for a while and is now doing so very well,” says Jaekle. “I believe that if my grandparents had not had access to a pull-cord or emergency services, my grandmother may have died. But instead, my grandparents credit their move to Greenspring for saving her life. They also credit their life at Greenspring for their longevity. This is why I’m so passionate about helping people move to Ashby Ponds.” 

“The work we do comes from the heart,” says Henderson. “We never aim to sell anyone on Ashby Ponds. Instead, we hope that other people may find the happiness and peace of mind that all of us feel in having our family members at Erickson Living communities.”