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On a whim

One hasty decision becomes the best one for this Centennial couple

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June 28th, 2016
Donna and Howard Lutz love the ten-foot-high ceilings and open space of their Montrose-style apartment home in Wind Crest’s Parry Landing residence building.

Donna and Howard Lutz love the ten-foot-high ceilings and open space of their Montrose-style apartment home in Wind Crest’s Parry Landing residence building.

Donna and Howard Lutz never make quick decisions. They analyze, examine, and evaluate. But one swift decision turned out to be one of the best decisions they’ve ever made: They moved to Wind Crest, an Erickson Living community in Highlands Ranch, Colo.

Though they had been considering moving to a retirement community, and Donna had worked in the industry for 20 years, they hadn’t been serious until they drove by Wind Crest one day. 

“We saw this particular apartment and realized it wouldn’t be here if we waited a couple of years,” says Howard. “So we put the deposit down and moved about a week later.”

“We never do things like this. We analyze and make decisions slowly,” says Donna. “This just felt right.”

‘House tired’

Now that they’ve lived at Wind Crest since mid July 2015, they truly appreciate its worry-free lifestyle. 

“We were house tired,” says Howard. 

“We had so many expenses last year on our house. We put in new carpeting, reattached the deck to the house, snow removal, electrician, and on and on,” says Donna.

After they made the decision to move, they did analyze Wind Crest’s financial structure. “We talked to our financial advisor, and Howard is a CPA, so we did a lot of thinking to make sure that we could afford it,” says Donna.

“The fact is that of all the homes we looked at this was the one that struck us. For the same square footage, the prices at other communities were higher than here. You get a lot for the monthly service fee,” says Howard.

At Wind Crest, all maintenance is included in each apartment’s monthly service package, which also includes all utilities (except phone), professional landscaping, property taxes, 24/7 security, utilities, a flexible meal plan, and use of all amenities like the indoor pool and fitness center.

Now they can put their time and energy toward things they want to do rather than things they have to do. 

And this is one couple with a lot of hobbies. Donna, who enjoys jewelry making and playing piano, learned to play the guitar at age 65. She recently signed up to work in Wind Crest’s on-site woodshop. 

“I’ve always wanted to learn how to use all those tools,” she says. 

While Donna builds toys and makes jewelry, Howard is picking up his photography again. 

“I’m a photography nut, so I’m looking forward to getting back into that,” he says.

Peace of mind

Overall, they’re glad they moved while they’re young enough to enjoy the maintenance-free lifestyle at Wind Crest.

Donna’s profession advocating for seniors in assisted living facilities made them acutely aware of the difficulties that can come with age. “So we decided we were going to move before we need care,” says Howard.

Now they enjoy Wind Crest’s amenities and activities while enjoying the peace of mind that assisted living, nursing, and memory care are all available on-site.

Since they’ve moved, they keep asking themselves, “Why didn’t we move to this area sooner?” 

Coming from Centennial, they enjoy Wind Crest’s stunning mountain views. “Everywhere we look we’re seeing those gorgeous Colorado mountains,” says Donna.

Aside from the views, the activities, and the maintenance-free lifestyle, they especially like their new neighbors. 

“We’ve met a lot of really nice people since we’ve moved here,” says Howard.