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The advantages of life care at Devonshire

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July 19th, 2016
Chatsworth, Devonshire’s continuing care neighborhood, provides rehabilitation, assisted living, skilled nursing, and secured memory care.

Chatsworth, Devonshire’s continuing care neighborhood, provides rehabilitation, assisted living, skilled nursing, and secured memory care.

People who live at Devonshire, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Palm Beach Gardens, enjoy a distinctive lifestyle highlighted by luxurious apartment homes, exceptional amenities, interesting and accomplished neighbors, and world-class cuisine.

They’ve also made a wise financial decision and secured their future health care because Devonshire is a life care community, also known as a type A continuing care retirement community.

“When you move to Devonshire, you enter into a life care contract,” says Sales Counselor Donna O’Connor. “You come in as an independent resident. Should you ever need additional care, you can access the services of Chatsworth, our continuing care neighborhood.

In addition, she says, “Because Devonshire is a life care community, the health care services are covered with no increase in costs.

“The life care plan is detailed in our Residency Contract, including any ancillary fees, and is all part of the savvy decision to choose this type of community.”

Chatsworth, which offers rehabilitation, assisted living, skilled nursing, and secured memory care, has earned an enviable five-star rating for those services.

“So, when you make the decision to move to Devonshire,” says O’Connor, “everything else falls into place. You don’t worry about the future.”

Life care peace of mind

Life care is an innovative approach to planning ahead for whatever challenges may come with living a longer life.

It’s a priceless amenity that O’Connor always discusses when she meets with prospective residents.

Devonshire residents who consider future health care a top priority can rest assured that should they need more care, the care and costs will be covered.

Suppose that after a couple moves to Devonshire, one spouse needs assisted living care and moves to Chatsworth while the other spouse continues to live at Devonshire. Although they live in two different locations, their monthly service fee stays the same, which results in substantial savings.

As health care costs continue to rise, the value of the life care savings will only increase.

And unlike retirees who are renters, neither Devonshire community members nor their children will ever face the burden, often during a stressful time, of selecting an appropriate care facility. With life care, they know they’ll receive unlimited access to quality health care services at Chatsworth.

So, with that assurance about the future, and in the company of engaging neighbors, Devonshire community members are free to live each day to the fullest and to pursue the interests they most enjoy.

“Of course, there are other life care communities in Southeast Florida,” says O’Connor, “But Devonshire is unique because of the lifestyle it provides.”

And, she adds, “We’re so specialized that we can do many things to accommodate a resident’s wishes in terms of their independent living apartment.”