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‘An eye-opener for me’

Active sportsman from New Jersey moves to Maris Grove after visiting friends there

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July 6th, 2016
Maris Grove community member Terry Schall’s second bedroom serves as his office and ever-expanding library.

Maris Grove community member Terry Schall’s second bedroom serves as his office and ever-expanding library.

The first time Terry Schall saw Maris Grove, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Delaware County, Pa., “It knocked my socks off,” he says.

Terry, then living in Woodbury, N.J., was visiting friends at Maris Grove. He came away thinking he’d like to live there, too. 

After 48 years of home ownership, he wanted to stop cleaning rain gutters, doing yard work, and worrying about potential repairs. “I did what needed to be done,” he says. 

A positive move

In 2010, Terry made the move to Maris Grove. An avid sportsman, he chose a two-bedroom Fairmont apartment style whose six closets offered plenty of room to store his tennis, golf, and fishing equipment.

“I participated in all those things when I first moved in to meet people and get in the swing of things,” he says. 

His favorite pursuit now is duplicate bridge, but he also enjoys following the stock market and charting individual stocks. 

Terry plays bridge three times a week at Maris Grove and returns to New Jersey for games with friends there. He also plays in tournaments in Philadelphia, Maryland, and Delaware.

While he enjoys the freedom to come and go as he likes, he also takes advantage of Maris Grove’s conveniences, like getting his hair cut on campus. Come evening, he joins friends for dinner in one of the restaurants on campus.

Priceless campus amenities

Maris Grove’s 24/7 maintenance team frees Terry from burdensome household repairs. Its grounds crew handles leaf raking, snow shoveling, and the meticulous yard work that keeps Maris Grove’s 83-acre campus a wooded haven enhanced by bursts of blooms throughout the growing season. 

Terry’s primary care doctor is a Maris Grove physician who practices full time in the campus medical center. And he has Erickson Advantage, a Medicare Advantage plan available only to Erickson Living residents.

“I’m very impressed with the medical care here,” he says. “They’re more conscientious and very much into prevention, which makes a lot of sense.” 

Terry doesn’t use the campus fitness center but does strive to stay fit. Unless he’s carrying something bulky, he takes the stairs instead of the elevator to and from his fourth-floor apartment. 

His windows frame views of colorful plantings in a field of green. The home is a pleasant retreat for reading and relaxation. 

Terry’s daughters live in Woodbury, so he doesn’t need a guest room. His second bedroom is his den and library. Besides his desk and computer, it accommodates the two large bookcases that hold his ever-expanding library. 

“There are very few residents who aren’t active, and many of them think in a very young manner,” Terry says. “The level of activity and talent displayed here has been an eye-opener for me. Thinking young has nothing to do with your age.”