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‘My happy place’

Why Sandee Berman loves her new home

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July 19th, 2016
One of the things that make Sandee Berman the happiest person at Ann’s Choice is her patio. She even sits out there on sunny winter days.

One of the things that make Sandee Berman the happiest person at Ann’s Choice is her patio. She even sits out there on sunny winter days.

Sandee Berman claims she’s the happiest person at Ann’s Choice. That’s saying a lot considering she never intended to move to the Erickson Living retirement community in Bucks County, Pa. 

“It was a big transition from a house to an apartment, and I fought it tooth and nail,” she says. “Now I have a sign in my kitchen that says, ‘This is my happy place.’”

Sandee moved from The Villages of Flowers Mill, in Langhorne, Pa., where she’d lived for 15 years. 

After her husband died, her children thought she shouldn’t live alone. They counseled moving to a retirement community with lots of amenities and on-site medical care.

So when Sandee’s cousin visited from Israel, the two women went to Ann’s Choice. As they toured a one-bedroom Ellicott-style apartment home, Sandee’s cousin said, “This is the place for you.” 

Sandee joined the Ann’s Choice priority list and reserved that very apartment. Then she changed her mind.

Soon after, her son visited from Aspen, Colo., and she took him to Ann’s Choice. That same apartment was available. When they toured it, her son said, “This is for you, Mom.” Then a neighbor at Fox Hill Farm said the same thing. 

The clincher came when a real estate agent asked to show Sandee’s house to a couple interested in Fox Hill Farm. 

“The people made me an offer I couldn’t refuse,” Sandee says. 

Amazingly, that Ellicott apartment home that everyone had raved about was still available. This time, Sandee didn’t back out. Late last summer, she moved to Ann’s Choice. 

‘Everything you could want’

Sandee’s floor plan features a kitchen with granite countertops, a pass-through to the spacious great room where she displays her treasured tchotchkes, and a patio that is Sandee’s joy.

Her address puts her steps away from the campus medical center, aquatics center, fitness center, and two of the community’s five restaurants. She also likes that Ann’s Choice recently redecorated the clubhouse and restaurants near her home. 

Her doctor is an Ann’s Choice physician who practices full time at the medical center, and her eye doctor has weekly office hours there.

Sandee leads an active and convenient lifestyle. To visit friends or pursue activities when she lived at Fox Hill Farm, Sandee drove. At Ann’s Choice, she simply walks the glass-enclosed hallways and bridges. 

The all-season pool or the fitness center claim her mornings. A short-story group, line dancing, and volunteer stints at the campus Treasure Chest shops fill her afternoons.  

In the evenings, she plays cards or games or attends entertainment performances in the performing arts center. 

This February, as a blizzard raged outside and the grounds crew plowed the snow nonstop, Sandee organized an impromptu Bunko game in the clubhouse.

What’s the best thing about Ann’s Choice? “You don’t have to be alone at dinner,” Sandee says. To meet new friends, she often asks for dinner seating at a table with an empty chair. 

When she greets sales luncheon guests as an Ann’s Choice ambassador, Sandee tells them, “Everything you could want is here. Move earlier rather than later to take advantage of it.”