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Dogs on parade

Pet-friendly Highland Springs celebrates four-legged friends

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August 9th, 2016
Dogs and their owners participate in Highland Springs’ Pet Parade.

Dogs and owners participate in Highland Springs’ Pet Parade: (from left) Rita Howard and her terriers Gabby and Baxter, Dick Seba and his bichon frise Sammy, Gail Reibenspies and her German shepherd Diva, and Ruby Nell Ormon and her cairn terrier Piper.

Rita Howard may have been the one who signed the paperwork when she moved to Highland Springs, but she settled into her new apartment at the North Dallas community with two others.

“I’ve always had dogs,” says Rita. “They’re great company.”

Baxter, a four-year-old Jack Russell terrier, and Gabby, a seven-year-old rat terrier made the move to Highland Springs with Rita, quickly adapting to their new surroundings.

“I couldn’t imagine moving any place that didn’t allow me to bring my dogs,” says Rita. “The fact that Highland Springs welcomes pets was a big part of the community’s appeal.”

Pets are warmly received at the North Dallas community, where the Pet Lovers Club meets once every month.

Facilities Manager Margery Tippen oversees the Pet Lovers Club and says there are currently 58 dogs and 67 cats living at Highland Springs.

“We welcome all pet lovers to our meetings,” says Tippen. “We’ve had guest speakers, including veterinarians, service dog representatives, and those offering pet services. We offered a blessing of the pets led by one of our resident clergy members. Last year, we hosted a pet wash, where staff members washed residents’ pets.”

The Pet Lovers Club at Highland Springs also organizes an annual Pet Parade for pet owners to show off their furry friends. In the spirit of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, pets and their owners compete in several categories, including best tricks, most obedient, and even a best smile competition.

During this year’s parade, Tippen introduced a new category—fastest animal to eat an individual portion of ice cream.

“They all did pretty well during the ice cream-eating contest,” says Tippen. “It didn’t take them long to figure out what to do.”

Their own dog park

When they’re not participating in special events, pets at Highland Springs enjoy daily opportunities for socializing in the community’s dog park. They can also stretch their legs around the 89-acre campus.

“Baxter and Gabby love going for walks by the lake,” says Rita. “I was a bit concerned before I moved in because they were used to running around in the backyard, but they’ve adjusted very well.”

Rita chose her apartment in the Willow Ridge residence building while it was still under construction. Willow Ridge welcomed its first residents in April 2015. 

“I was one of the first people to choose an apartment in Willow Ridge,” says Rita. “I selected one with a patio, so it’s easy to take the dogs in and out.”

A new residence building, Pecan Grove, is currently under construction at Highland Springs and scheduled to open in late 2016. The sales team is taking reservations for the new building, and those who reserve early have the best selection of apartments.

“Whether you need a second bedroom for a home office or a patio to accommodate your pets, give us a call,” says Sales Director Jennifer O’Reilly. “We’ll help you find the apartment that’s right for you.”