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First pick at Wind Crest

Priority list members share the benefits of joining early

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August 9th, 2016
Jim and Jane Davis look forward to inviting their three grandchildren to their new home at Wind Crest, where they can enjoy the indoor swimming pool any time of year. From left are Zach, Jane, Ella, Jim, and Cassidy.

Jim and Jane Davis look forward to inviting their three grandchildren to their new home at Wind Crest, where they can enjoy the indoor swimming pool any time of year. From left are Zach, Jane, Ella, Jim, and Cassidy.

Jim and Jane Davis know the value of Erickson Living’s priority list, especially of joining it early. 

Originally from Maryland, Jim and Jane were familiar with Erickson Living communities like Riderwood (Silver Spring, Md.) and Greenspring (Springfield, Va.). When they moved to North Dallas, Tex., to be near their son while he attended Baylor University, they discovered Erickson Living was building Highland Springs

“Before they put a shovel in the ground, we visited and joined the priority list. That way, if we decided to do something down the line, we’d be ready to go,” says Jim. 

That was in 2005. 

Ideal situation

When their son and his family moved to Highlands Ranch, Colo., the Davises followed. And so did Erickson Living. 

“Lo and behold, they were building Wind Crest,” says Jim. “It was an ideal situation. We would be close to our son and grandchildren, and [Erickson Living] would transfer our priority list membership to Wind Crest.”

Because they had joined an Erickson Living priority list before Wind Crest was even announced to the public, they jumped to the top when their membership transferred.

“One benefit of joining an Erickson Living priority list when you first start to consider where you’ll spend your retirement is that you keep your priority date if you transfer communities,” says Sales Counselor Molly Thorne-Dhieux. “You can even join before you’re eligible to move.” 

She says that all floor plans sell quickly, so those people who had the wisdom to join the priority list early, like the Davises, have been able to get their first choice in location.

Though Jim and Jane weren’t quite ready to move at the time, they were planning ahead so they’d be in a prime position to move in 2017. “We felt that would be the right time,” Jim says. 

With fate stepping in again, Wind Crest announced its newest residence building would open in 2017—perfect timing for the Davises to make their move. 

First dibs

They’re especially thankful that they were able to reserve the exact apartment they wanted—they had first dibs on the building’s 99 spacious apartment homes. They chose the Somerton, a two-bedroom apartment home with a den, balcony, and formal dining room—a new feature. 

They plan to set up the second bedroom as Jane’s sewing room and use the den as an office. 

They’ll have room for their three grandchildren to spend the night and plenty of activities for them to enjoy while they’re there—like the glass-enclosed aquatics center that overlooks the Front Range. 

“It’s exactly what we want it to be,” says Jim.

Aside from the floor plan, they particularly favor the view from their apartment home. From the fourth floor, they can gaze out at the Front Range and, on clear days, the snow-capped peaks beyond. 

Located near the elevators, they won’t have to travel far to get where they want to go. And that’s as true for their apartment home as it is for the entire community—Wind Crest has nearly everything one could need under one roof. A medical center staffed with full-time physicians, restaurants, classrooms, fitness centers, libraries, social activities, and the new 250-seat Arts and Enrichment Center are all on campus. 

An active couple, the Davises anticipate utilizing the building’s fitness center and joining musical groups like the orchestra/band (Jane plays the flute) and chorale (Jim sings). 

Variety of floor plans

Part of Wind Crest’s second neighborhood, homes in Longs Ridge include a mix of one- and two-bedroom floor plans—approximately 20% one-bedroom homes and 80% two-bedroom homes. Each will include a wide range of sizes and layouts to accommodate lifestyles and price ranges. 

Longs Ridge will also add a mix of amenities to the already-bustling community, including a new restaurant, the Mile High Cafe; a classroom; beautiful lounge and patio for card playing or socializing; and a parking structure.

“I like, and I think my wife likes, that we get a meal every day. Also, the fellowship with other people will be nice, and taking advantage of the various programs they have here,” Jim says.

While the Davises look forward to all Longs Ridge and Wind Crest will offer to support their active lifestyle, they also appreciate what the community offers should they need additional care. 

“We like Erickson Living because once you move there in independent living and if you need further care, you don’t have to move out,” says Jim. “That’s the main reason we chose Wind Crest. That way our son won’t have to worry about finding care for us.”

Planning ahead

As priority list members, Jim and Jane Davis anticipate an easier move because they’ll have access to Erickson Realty and Moving Services. Each Erickson Living community has its own local personal moving consultant who provides complimentary coordination of all realty and moving needs, including downsizing, home staging, packing, and selection of a real estate professional.

Armed with a magnetic floor plan of their new apartment, Wind Crest Personal Moving Consultant Beth Brandenburg meets with prospective residents in their home. She tours the home and sees which existing furniture pieces they want to bring with them. Then she measures the pieces and places to-scale models on the magnetic floor plan.

“We are interested in using the personal moving consultant to tell us whether our furniture will fit and any moving [and home selling] advice,” says Jim.

Wind Crest has a host of events specifically aimed at preparing people moving to Longs Ridge for selling their house, downsizing, and making the move. The Davises plan on attending those so they are well equipped for a stress-free move.

Join the priority list to take advantage of these exclusive benefits.