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The five secrets to space planning your apartment home

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August 10th, 2016

Your move to a retirement community is an opportunity to create a new, uncluttered, uncomplicated lifestyle. When space planning your maintenance-free apartment home, follow these tried and true tips and you’ll be off to a good start!

1. Less is best

Rooms that are open and inviting will enhance your sense of tranquility. So resist the urge to furnish your apartment home with extra chairs, couches, and beds that will be used exclusively by visitors. Design your home for how you live every day. You’ll feel much less cramped and much more content!

2. Comfort is key

As you look over your furniture, only bring along pieces that you enjoy using. Leave the hard sofa or stiff-backed chair behind and decorate with items that get high marks for comfort.

3. Be smart about storage

You’re moving to a more compact space, so the more multifunctional your furnishings can be, the better. For example, instead of a traditional TV stand, consider using a buffet as an attractive alternative that also offers multiple storage options.

4. Use your windowsills and walls

In lieu of a bookcase or hutch, display your treasured photos or collectibles on windowsills or wall shelves. You’ll save valuable floor space. Placing furniture against a wall also opens up a room and allows you to safely and easily maneuver about. The American Disabilities Association recommends a 36-inch pathway between furniture.   

5. Keep things light

If you want to create an open, airy feel, stay away from dark walls and heavy wood furniture. Softer, lighter paint colors will make your home feel larger. So will a glass-topped dining table, coffee table, and end tables.