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‘What people want’

Devonshire’s Bentley floor plan is a popular choice

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August 4th, 2016
The Bentley floor plan at Devonshire features two full bathrooms, each with a spacious shower.

The Bentley floor plan at Devonshire features two full bathrooms, each with a spacious shower.

Erickson Living has always enjoyed a reputation as a leader and innovator in both the development and management of retirement communities. It not only tracks consumer trends related to retirement living but avidly seeks and listens to input from individuals thinking about moving to one of its 19 communities.

So, when prospective residents of Devonshire at PGA National, Erickson Living’s community in Palm Beach Gardens, began expressing the desire for more one-bedroom apartments that also featured a den, management responded by developing the Bentley floor plan. 

“This is what people want,” says Devonshire Sales Director Wendy Paige.

That opinion is shared by the community’s current residents who have seen the Bentley; they’ve all given it favorable reviews. 

Ample space

The Bentley offers nearly 1,500 square feet of living space and an ultra-large walk-in closet with custom built-ins. It also includes two full bathrooms and an extended terrace. 

“It’s a floor style flooded with light due to two sets of sliding glass doors, one off the master bedroom and one off the living room into the screened-in terrace,” says Sales Counselor Donna O’Connor. 

She adds that the extended terrace affords additional space for seating or a potted garden of flowering plants, and large windows in the den enhance the home’s open and airy environment.  

The Bentley is also a smart financial decision for people interested in a smaller home but who like the versatility a den provides.

As with all apartment styles at Devonshire, residents can customize the Bentley floor plan to make it uniquely theirs. Many people choose to enclose their terrace.

But even those who don’t customize still have choices within this apartment style; they can reserve a Bentley with an open den or one with a more private den. 

The open-den version, created by partially removing a wall separating it from the great room, lets the den become an extension of the living space. That makes this choice ideal for residents who enjoy entertaining in their home. Their guests can mingle throughout the living area. 

It would also appeal to card players who host multiple tables of bridge in their apartment. 

And it would appeal to singles or couples who want an office but don’t want to be shut off from the rest of the home. (See page 7 for a look at the open design version of the Bentley.)

The enclosed-den style, separated from the great room by a wall and a door, might suit residents who want a studio to pursue a painting hobby or who want a study, sitting area, or media room that’s more private. It could even function as a guest room.

Of course, all new community members, whether they select one of the Bentley’s two versions or decide to do additional customizing, will enjoy an updated kitchen with comfort-height counters and bathrooms with spacious showers. 

Because those updates begin when people reserve their apartment, the members get to choose their finishes, accouterments such as lighting, flooring, countertops, and cabinet styles.

“Things are all new from the ground up,” says Gayle Hills. She manages Devonshire’s Design Center, which is, in fact, located in a Bentley-style apartment.